RAGE 2 Review: Fast and Chaotic!

Rage 2's main storyline is an enjoyable and chaotic experience.

Rage 2

7.6 out of 10
RAGE 2 Review Fast and Chaotic
Weapons & Vehicles
Fun to Play


Killing Enemies Is Fun

Well Designed, Powerful Guns

Fast, Armoured And Upgradable Vehicles

Vehicle Combat Is Slick


Open World Map Is Really A 'Wasteland'

Repetitive Side Missions


Developed by Avalanche Studios, RAGE 2 is the new first-person shooter single-player video game. Rage 2 is a mixer of Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, Far Cry, or Borderlands 2 games. It keeps your excitement at a high level, there are gunfights, “kill everything” missions, and a bigger open world.

Rage 2 has a story related to its original title Rage 1. Before the asteroid collision, there are Fallout’s vaults – the advanced fallout shelters underground in Arks. An asteroid destroys the planet and impacts everything. Then, raiders run everywhere and The Authority – a techno-fascist group tries to kill or subjugate everything in sight.


You have to choose your ranger character and gender at the start. After that, the story and missions start. The opening moments introduce you to a conflict that ends with you being the last person capable of saving the wasteland’s denizens from destruction. You meet Doctor Kvasir and other allies in the gameplay. There are giant monsters, creepy demeanor, and really gross sidekick, evil tyrant. From starting, you start killing the enemies back-to-back. There are some “Kill everything” type missions in gameplay.

Kill the Authority Intruders - RAGE 2

Every stage keeps your excitement high. The shooting style is excellent in the game. Some enemies are stronger and you have to kill them with modified and upgraded guns. Enemies react dramatically to being hit, including falling down and getting up again or having helmets or pieces of armor fly off to indicate that it hurt. The AI is so aggressive and all enemies keep on the move.

We liked the Shatter attack, it is a Force Push or Fus-Ro-Dah that sends enemies flying, and the ground-pound area-of-effect blast. The combos are fantastic. After killing them, enemies drop a resource called Feltrite. You can use it to upgrade guns and abilities. As Feltrite disappears quickly, you have to reach there by risking and putting yourself in danger.

Rage 2 - Welcome to Wellspring

There are 20 hours of campaign missions, quests, and some other side content. Some guns are so powerful including an assault rifle, shotgun, pistol, rocket launcher, and Firestorm Revolver. Each gun’s behavior changes again to be more extreme when you activate the Overdrive ability.

Rage 2 has a big open world. After killing the enemies, you can explore the map and find chests full of cash, Feltrite, or various ability upgrade points. You can upgrade your abilities and your guns with it. You have a car which is also upgradable. There is a crafting menu where you can craft healing items, grenades, or Rage’s signature three-bladed boomerang, the Wingstick.

Rage 2 Menu, Objectives, Log

You can craft the items even if you are in the middle of battle. You can pause the battle and craft or upgrade the skills if you have materials. In all the vehicles, the Phoenix Car is so fast, armored like a tank, repairable, and upgradable that there’s basically no reason to use any of the other vehicles in Rage 2.

The map consists of different regions which include jungle, generic wasteland, desert. You can also see some groups of enemies fighting each other while exploring the maps. It is really fun to watch!!

Rage 2 Open World Wasteland

Should you buy Rage 2?

YES! Overall, Rage 2 is an energetic Doom-inspired game with dynamic and vibrant gameplay. If you like Mad-Max Fury, then you’ll definitely like Rage 2. With great weapons, abilities, and upgrades, firefights, the Rage 2 game is full of chaotic and satisfying to play. Rage 2 is definitely one of the best promising shooters of 2019.

Rage 2 Vehicle Chasing Combat

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