PUBG Mobile 0.10 Update: Vikendi Map and Snow Theme

Winter is coming, So is the Snow!!

PUBG Mobile 0.10 Update

Players of the PUBG Mobile game received a fairly rich 0.9.5 update with tons of in-game changes, new weapons, vehicles, and some bug fixes. It has been less than 1 month for Season 4 in PUBG Mobile, this online multiplayer battle royal game will soon get a 0.10 Update. This time there will be even more substances in game-play. PUBG Mobile 0.10 Update has a fresh and exciting snow map, officially known as Vikendi. They have already released a beta update on the PC version.

Vikendi Map: Quick Gameplay, intense firefights in snow

PUBG Mobile 0.10 update - Vikendi Map - PC Version
PC Version of Vikendi (new snow map)

Winter is coming, so is the snow. The all-new Vikendi map is also going to be covered with snow. The new map is said to be 6Km x 6Km in dimensions. Previously, there were tropical Sanhok and deserted Miramar maps. Tencent in its announcement said, “the gameplay of Vikendi is quicker than Erangel and Miramar, but offers an arguably more tactical experience than Sanhok”.

There will be snow weather modes, vehicles to drive in snow. You can use ‘Snowmobiles’ to ride through the snowy ridges of Vikendi. In the spawn area, now players can throw snowballs instead of apples!! That will be fun!

Leaks say that the PUBG PC Vikendi Update will be available for downloads on 20 December 2018. It will be available for matchmaking 24 hours later.

Leaks and videos also give hints that players who walked or traveled with vehicles in snow areas can leave footprints or tracks. This can help to know or trace where enemies are.

PUBG Mobile 0.10 update:

Mobile Update will get a thematic change in the game. Like the Halloween theme, players will get a new snow theme in the main menu with an update. Players will collect bells from all Classic mode matches and exchange them for rewards.

There are also matchmaking changes coming with PUBG Mobile 0.10 Update. Players can now match players from other servers. You can enable this option in settings. This will match players of the same tier from different servers in the game. If you have been quitting matches right after they start, beware, because such players will be banned from finding matches for a period of time.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

This update comes with many small bug fixes and improvements. There will be also a new control layout for bigger hand players. Players can now report any suspicious behavior while spectating. This is for fair gameplay and security.

PUBG Mobile 0.10 update now supports the Arabic Language, new quick chat commands, and a memory-efficient chat system. Players now do not need to select a second language for matchmaking and chat.

PUBG Mobile 0.10 update Release date:

There is no confirmed release date yet for PUBG Mobile 0.10 update, but we expect it to land somewhere around December 18.

Check Out this Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay –

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