The Best Drones For Beginners

The Best Drones For Beginners 2020

DJI, Parrot and more for beginners and pros: The best cheap drones for photography.

Top Drone for Beginners Guide Drones can capture epic aerial photographs. You should carry a drone with you if you are going on vacations or traveling to a beautiful place. Also, you can fly and enjoy the drone racing with your friends. It’s all fun!! As a beginner, learning and improving your flight skills is […]

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Top drone manufacturers companies-GlobalTechgadgets

Top Consumer Drone Companies in Market 2020

Top Consumer Drone Companies in Market 2020 Consumer Drone companies are expanding fast since last 2 years. There are currently more than 100 noticeable drone manufacturers. But still, only a few drone brands are dominating the market. Some brands are known for reliable & cheap price drones. Some are best known for making drones that can […]

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New Beagle Neo 2 Mini Drone with FPV Experience

New Beagle Neo 2 Mini Drone with FPV Experience

Check out Neo 2 Specifications, Features, Price.

It Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand! Neo 2 is the latest drone by team Beagle which offers fully immersive drone experience. Beagle Drones is an aerospace start-up company based in New Jersey, United States. The drone comes with first-person-view flying experience. You can use FPV goggles to explore your surrounding world with this […]

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Drone Technology Information, Working & Uses

What Is Drone and how Drone Technology works?

Technology, Working & Uses of Drones Drones became the most loved technology nowadays. People not only utilizing drone technology in their professional and personal life but also appreciating its benefits as well. Drones are getting huge demand in the market. Amazing aerial photography is the main reason drones are used by photographers, businesses for spectacular […]

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DJI MAVIC 2 pro and zoom

DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom Review

DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom has bigger sensors and better camera with increased flight time

DJI Mavic Pro and Zoom takes aerial photography to New Heights DJI revealed Mavic 2 drones at an event in Brooklyn. DJI Mavic Pro and Zoom are the most advanced drones company has ever released. Both drones are quite similar to old DJI Mavic Pro drone. So, what are differences and improvements in these new drones and sets […]

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DJI MAVIC PRO Review: Powerful Drone created by DJI

One of the beautiful drone with great features

DJI MAVIC PRO — Is it still worth it? DJI Mavic pro is One of the beautiful and powerful drone created by DJI. It is a perfect compact drone for both beginners and pro users. With its easy and impressive features, one can get great experience and satisfaction with photography. DJI has also launched its […]

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