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Examples Of Different Types of Online Advertising Accepted By Us:

1. Banner Ad

A banner contains a short text or graphics to promote a product or service. Banner ad is an object on the web-page. It provides a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. Banner ad allows the users to open the advertiser’s website as and when they click them. It provides information and at the same time persuades the buyer to buy the product.

2. Pop-up Ad

Pop-up ad appears in its own window, when the user opens or closes a web page. Generally, pop-up-ads are considered very annoying and irritating. The in-build settings in browsers can block such pop-up ads.

3. Interstitial Ad

Interstitial ad opens in one’s own browser window when a user clicks a link to a new web page. The ad appears for a few moments before the intended web page gets loaded. Many interstitial ads close automatically and allow the intended page to open in the existing browser window.

4. Coupons

Certain companies offer their members discount coupons which they can print and use for both online and offline retailers. Coupons encourage customer to save money and enjoy discounts while shopping. When a customer clicks on certain coupons, it is easy for marketer to know the type of products the customers is interested in purchasing. The coupons enable the marketers to monitor the customer behavior. People get motivated by online coupons, as online coupons help save money.

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