Microsoft’s Project xCloud revealed with playing Forza Horizon 4 on Android phone

The demo comes a week just before Google is expected to announce its streaming game service

Microsoft reminds everyone about Project xCloud with a Live Demo

Microsoft has been working on Project xCloud for a while. Project xCloud is a cloud game streaming service. It is the future of Xbox gaming platforms with a device-agnostic service that lets you stream games made for the Xbox One.

The first game for a Project xCloud demo is the trending – ‘Forza Horizon 4‘!! Microsoft showed off the demo on Tuesday, Forza Horizon 4 running in a data center and then streamed to an Android phone. The phone was attached to an Xbox One standard controller via Bluetooth.

Forza Horizon 4 is actually our favorite game also and we are so much excited to play it on Android in the future. It was released on Xbox One and PC last October, so it’s visually impressive and appears to run smoothly on a phone.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of cloud gaming, Kareem Choudhry did give viewers a live demonstration of the technology during an Inside Xbox broadcast. He said that we will be able to participate in Project xCloud and play anywhere with a good network connection. While Forza Horizon 4 is a demanding game and an Android phone is a tiny device, it won’t be limited to extreme scenarios like that.

He compared Project xCloud with video and audio streaming apps like Spotify. Just like these apps, you can log in from any device with your account and you’ll get all gaming library, saved games, etc. You can log in from Android phone, Windows Laptop at any time – anywhere. It’s something to think about with a new generation of hardware pulling ever closer.

You can imagine an Xbox-branded service that you could access from any device. It does not matter if you have Integrated Intel GPU or Android Mobile, you could log in and play a demanding game from that computer. Because everything would run in a data center near you. So, you’ll only need a strong network connection to stream.

Project xCloud would work with Microsoft’s existing gaming services and developers don’t need to do any extra work. You will be able to access your cloud saves, your friends and everything you’re already familiar with if you’re using an Xbox or the Xbox app on your PC.

If you bought an Xbox, an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One, there will be more for Xbox consoles in the future. “It’s not a replacement for consoles, we’re not getting out of the console business,” Kareem Choudhry said. Public trials of Project xCloud are supposed to start later this year.

The Project xCloud – Inside Xbox video came a week before Google is expected to reveal its game-streaming service at Game Developers Conference (GDC).  Previously, Sony also brought PS4 Remote Play to iPhone and iPad.

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