PUBG Global Invitational.s 2021 Dates, Schedule, Results, Info

PUBG esports winners could win a $3.5 million dollar prize pool.

Famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is back with its esports events. The epic PUBG Global Invitational Championship is organized by PUBG Corporation. Worldwide teams are participating in this tournament. There is a million-dollar prize pool for the winners.

What is PUBG Global Invitational?

PUBG Global Invitational S 2021 contains 8-weeks of esports festival where players around the world will try to get that ‘Chicken Dinner’. There’s a whopping $3.5 million dollar prize pool. The company will also add 30% of the profit earned from the Pick’em challenge later.

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PUBG Global Invitational

S in PUBG Global Invitational.S stands for survival, supremacy, showmanship, and safety! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company decided to give more safety for all players who are participating in PGIS 2021.

PUBG Global Invitational 2021 will be the longest esports festival to date. The championship will start from 2nd February to 28th March 2021. There will be 32 Teams around the world.

Where is PUBG Invitational takes place?

PGIS will take place in the Republic of Korea. Some of the locations include Studio Paradise, Incheon, WangYu Cafe, Shanghai.

The tournament will be held in a safe environment. There are 14 days of quarantine time scheduled for all players when they arrive in the Republic of Korea.

PUBG PC Gameplay 2021

PUBG Global Invitational Teams

There will be 32 teams around the world in PGIS. It includes 7 teams from Europe, 6 teams from China, 5 teams from Southeast Asia, 4 teams from North America, 4 teams from South Korea, 2 teams from Latin America, 2 teams from Japan, 2 teams from Chinese Taipei.

Participants from Europe: Faze Clan, Team Liquid, TSM, Digital Athletics,, ENCE, Natus Vincere.

Participants from China: Infantry, Tianba, Four Angry Man, Multicircle Gaming, Petrichor Road, Triumphant Song Gaming.

Participants from Southeast Asia: Buriram United Esports, Attack All Around, LG Divine, Daytrade Gaming, DivisionX Gaming.

Participants from North America: Oath Gaming, Zenith Esports, Shoot To Kill, Susquehanna Soniqs.

Participants from South Korea: Gen.G, T1, Afreeca Freecs, DAMWON Gaming.

Participants from Latin America: FURIA Esports, Meta Gaming.

Participants from Japan: ENTER FORCE.36, DetonatioN Gaming White.

Participants from Chinese Taipei: K7 Esports, Global Esports Xsset.

PUBG PC Esports Teams
PUBG PC Championship

PUBG Global Invitational Match Details:

There will be 2 parts of the PGIS event – Weekly Survival and Weekly Final. In the first week, all teams will participate in preliminary ‘Rank Decision’ matches. Teams will get placements according to their rankings.

In Weekly Survival, 16 teams will play the game, there will be 4 Matches per team/day. 32nd is instantly eliminated from Weekly Survival and is placed into Reseeding Stage

Weekly Survival event will be held for a total of 16 matches during weekdays to select 16 Chicken Dinner winners. 16 teams with Chicken Dinners from the Weekly Survival will earn prize money and a spot in the Weekly Finals.

Once a team earns a spot in the Weekly Finals, the next highest-ranked team from the waiting list takes their place in Weekly Survival and the next match begins.

Weekly Finals will have a total of 10 matches and a larger amount of prize money on the line. Teams will earn this larger amount of prizes based on their performance. The team with the most amount of prize money after 8 weeks will be the final champions of PGIS.

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