Best Laptop Brands In The World 2024

Best laptop brands ranked

10 Best Laptop Brands In World

The computer industry is huge and competition among desktop and laptop manufacturers is tough. But still, some brands in the world are ruling the PC Industry and are counted as the top and best laptop brands in the world. We have made a list of the best laptop companies in this article.

Laptops have replaced desktops because of their portability and performance. There are so many models of laptops from different brands and these laptop brands are dominating the PC market. It does not matter if you are purchasing a $1000 Gaming Laptop or a $150 Chromebook, the brand matters. There are also so many factors to check, like the laptop’s functionality, performance, graphics, design, display, optimizations, and other specifications. This laptop brand ranking is based on multiple factors.

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We have made this list according to that particular laptop brand’s Innovation, Performance, Designs, Reviews, Product Sales, Tech Support and Warranty. Let’s check out the list of Best Laptop Brands In The World.

1. Dell

Dell Logo-Best Laptop Brands In The World
Dell Logo

Dell is currently the number one laptop brand in world for a reason. They have made some powerful laptops that last as long as possible. The specification combination and prices are also better than competitors in the market.

You can choose different models as per your requirements. For office work or school work, for use of video editing software or extreme gaming, for web browsing, coding, or virtual machine, there are so many variants of Dell laptops as per your requirement.

Dell has made some great PCs, especially Ultrabooks that work great, have powerful specifications and perform very well in intense tasks. Then there is Alienware series which is just awesome for gaming with its power-packed machines.

Some latest XPS models are the best example that does everything to a high standard. There are also some decent gaming laptops from Dell Inspiron gaming, G Series. Even with low prices, they are beast in performance. The quality of hardware and software is also great in these laptops which makes them one of the best gaming laptops. The famous Inspiron series laptops provide good performance for all types of users.

Dell XPS Laptops

Dell gives a 1-year standard warranty on their laptops and you can also extend it to 2 or 3 more years with some extra fees. Dell laptop’s hardware is good and in the case of repairability, it scores well. The premium customer service is good which solves every technical problem you have with your laptop. People’s reviews of them are also nice.

So, Dell’s lineup offers worthy internal hardware, great designs and features, and lightweight laptops. They are built with premium material and they are stylish & portable. All of these reasons make Dell currently the top brand in the laptop market.

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2. HP (Hewlett Packard)

HP Logo
HP Logo

HP laptops have raised the bar since 2017 in the laptop industry. Their current Chromebooks in 2024 are fast, powerful, and useful for all types of consumers. Their Spectre x360 Surface laptop is impressive and even gives the Surface Book 2 a run for its money. Recently they have come up with new Omen laptops that are dedicated to gaming. They also perform well in gaming and are good in the hardware and sound department.

HP hardware is stronger than before and well worth it for the money. HP provides a 1-year standard warranty with options for up to three years of a comprehensive warranty. Customer service is good and people have given good reviews about them.

HP Spectre x360
HP Spectre x360

Because of the strong hardware and build quality of laptops, HP is people’s choice, which makes them one of the top brands in the world.

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3. Apple

Apple Logo
Apple Logo

Apple is currently not leading the PC market. They are behind some brands because of the lack of innovation and features in their laptops.

People love Apple laptops because they are reliable and predictable, and some even use them only to show off!!

Macbooks are famous because of their solid built quality, great display, beautiful chassis, and thin bezels. Macbooks come with top customer service and warranty. All MacBooks are more expensive than regular Windows laptops. But for the iOS operating system, build quality, and amazing display Apple Lovers choose it.

MacBooks are very useful for video rendering or editing software, Photoshop work, web surfing, and coding. Their performance in day-to-day tasks is good. But you cannot play high-end games on MacBook. They are not built for heavy intense tasks. If you love gaming, then MacBooks are not recommended to you.

Apple Macbook - Best Laptop Brands
Apple MacBook Pro

This big company is not concentrating on innovation. They did nothing innovative from past years and even the designs are also the same. The similar low specs with very high prices are a drawback of Apple laptops. Currently, The MacBook Pro series is at best with an Apple M2 chipset but if they refresh upcoming laptops and give value for money, then Apple can lead the market.

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4. Lenovo

Lenovo Logo
Lenovo Logo

Lenovo takes fourth place this year. With their high-spec laptops and low price tags, great features and performance, Lenovo got 5-star ratings on their products by users. Ideapad, Legion series, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and Yoga Slim are some popular laptops from Lenovo that are loved by people.

These laptops earned most of the Editor’s choice awards across the globe. Lenovo laptops are budget-friendly. They provide value and purpose in a single package. Lenovo provides good hardware, and software for their laptops. The keyboard and display quality is also decent.

Yoga Slim 7 Carbon Gen 6 Laptop
Yoga Slim 7 Carbon Gen 6

Some people reported that customer service is not so good in some countries. Overall built quality, reliability, and long-term user rating of Lenovo is decent. Because of low price tags with high specifications, Lenovo laptops are gaining love from people. Also, Lenovo company is giving tough competition to HP. Lenovo is one of the most popular laptop brands.

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5. Acer

Acer Logo
Acer Logo

Acer is becoming a bigger laptop brand with its high-end spec laptops and lower price tags. But wait! This company can also make bold premium 9000$ – Predator 21X!!

There are so many laptop models as per your requirements. Acer Swift series gives ultra-slim laptops, the Spin series gives innovative futuristic laptops, Switch gives a 2-in-1 experience like tablet and laptop combined, Aspire series provides powerful performance for daily tasks, and the Nitro series is especially for high-end gaming. Acer is giving variety to choose from.

Acer Laptops - Top laptop companies in the world
Acer Predator Helios

The customer support and reviews of people are good about Acer. They are increasing their service centers across the globe. This will help them to gain trust and grow rapidly. Customers looking for aesthetic value and sophistication tend to go for Acer laptops. Therefore, Acer is one of the best laptop companies.

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6. MSI (Micro-Star International)

MSI Logo
MSI Logo

Micro-Star International aka MSI is a leading brand in Gaming laptops. It makes premium gaming laptops that are packed with high specs and powerful performance. MSI company mainly focuses on notebook PCs, graphics cards, desktop PCs, and motherboards and their development.

There are multiple categories of MSI laptops for different users. It includes Gaming Series, Business, and Content Creation laptops.

Gaming laptops include Titan, Stealth, Raider, Vector, Delta, Alpha, and Bravo Series. Their laptops come with the latest technology, the latest Intel or AMD processors, and top graphics cards. MSI provides mechanical keyboards and dual-function touchpads/numeric keypads for their products.

MSI Laptops - Best laptop brands in world.
Raider GE77 HX

Their MSI GT75VR Titan Pro has the best keyboard ever in the PC industry. They also provide gaming gears for customers. Because of their high-performance laptops with top-notch products, MSI is one of the best pc laptop brands in the laptop industry.

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7. Asus

Asus Logo
Asus Logo

Asus is also considered one of the best companies in the PC industry. Asus provides innovative laptops like Zenbook, Chromebooks, and Vivobook series.

Asus is also a leading competitor in Gaming Laptops. Republic of Gamers (RoG) series products are a good example of Asus’s high-end performance laptops. This Republic of Gamers provides top specs with a unique slim design, becoming the thinnest gaming laptop in the world!

Asus laptops come with different designs and a variety of colors, new specs, and all this at an affordable price. The customer service of Asus is good and currently, there are around 20000 employees worldwide working to improve the brand.

Asus Laptops - Best Laptop Brands in world
Asus Vivobook

For creativity, productivity & entertainment, and everyday tasks – Asus laptops are a really good choice. And because of its designs, variety, and affordable low prices, Asus is one of the top 10 brands in the PC industry.

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8. Microsoft

Microsoft Logo
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft makes a handful of laptops. They provide limited but powerful laptops that have earned first-class ratings. The Surface Book series is impressive. It provides thin, slim, and beautifully designed laptops with high specs for powerful performance.

You can use this Surface laptop as a tablet, detach it, or just use it as a regular laptop. It also comes with a display of PixelSense, an Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard, and fast charging feature. It is also good in performance. But the price of Microsoft laptops is very high.

Microsoft Laptops - Best Laptop Brands in the world
Microsoft Surface 8 Pro

This ultra-light and elegant laptop gives 14+ hours of battery life. So you do not have to worry about charging while you work. As Microsoft products are considered branded ones with premium designs, providing great features, Microsoft is indeed one of the top-selling laptop brands in the world.

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9. Razer

Razer Logo
Razer Logo

Razer laptops come with great specs and graphics. This company comes with unique features and the newest technology comprised within the system. If you are buying a premium gaming laptop and you have a big budget, then you should check Razer laptops. They are compelling, powerful beasts.

Razer Blade and Razer Blade Pro are famous laptops from this brand. This laptop’s price starts at $1,049. They come with a sleek design and provide incredible performance with their latest specifications. This laptop comes with top processors like i7, and i9 Intel processors with huge RAM, storage space and the latest Graphics Cards to play games at its best.

Razer Laptops - Best Laptop Brand in world
Razer Blade

Because of these powerful products and their performance, Razer is considered one of the top laptop brands in the world.

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10. Samsung

Samsung Logo
Samsung Logo

Samsung is mostly concentrated on their smartphones and not on laptops. But still, they offer some reputable laptops which should be noted.

The latest Galaxy Books by Samsung have very attractive designs, beautiful AMOLED Screens, and good performance. Customer & Technical support of Samsung is also good and available in most countries. Galaxy Book2 Pro, Notebook Odyssey, Galaxy Book Go are famous laptops of Samsung. They have also Chromebooks powered by Google and Android. Samsung’s 360-degree rotating displays in laptops are super impressive.

Samsung Laptops-List of Best laptop brands in the world
Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro

Samsung laptop provides amazing AMOLED displays and premium built quality. Due to their features, latest specifications, and good performance, Samsung is also considered one of the top 10 laptop brands in the PC industry.

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Which is the No 1 laptop brand in the world?

Dell is currently the number 1 laptop brand in the world. It is providing a wide range of laptops that are suited for Home, Personal use, and also includes Business, Gaming laptops.

Top 10 laptop brands in the world?

Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Asus, MSI, Razer, Microsoft, and Samsung are the top 10 laptop brands in the world.

What are the most trusted laptop brands?

Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Microsoft, MSI, Razer, Samsung, and Toshiba are some of the most trusted laptop brands.

What is the most reliable brand of laptops?

Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple are some of the most reliable brands of laptops. Their laptops are best for long-term use.

What are the top 10 brands of laptop computers?

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Asus, Acer, Microsoft, Razer, and MSI are the top brands of laptop computers.

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