Google’s Coronavirus Website Is Providing All Covid-19 Updates

Google's Website about Covid-19 Information, Updates, Tips, Blogs.

Google has built its own website to provide all updates about Coronavirus disease. will provide all related information about Coronavirus, Coronavirus updates, Safety and Prevention Tips, and more. Google has improved its search engine experience about Covid-19 for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Google's Covid-19 website

Google was already providing search cards, tabs, and helpline suggestions for users who search about Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 disease. Today Google launched its official Coronavirus website. Google has also expanded its features for Coronavirus updates and provided more enhanced information, cards, official sources, suggestions, and helpline.

On Google’s Coronavirus site, you can get information about 2019-nCovid, its symptoms, treatment, help section, prevention, related official links of all World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC websites, safety and prevention tips, data and insights, state-based information, important resources to help, donation section, blogs. Google has committed $50 million to the global COVID-19 response.

Google Coronavirus Donation

Google is also providing search data, trends related to the Coronavirus update, common searches related to coronavirus, search interest by country. You can also check Global Map which shows confirmed cases by country.

There are videos in ASL (American Sign Language), some positive videos about Covid-19 from YouTube. For example, there are videos of meditation for anxiety, work from home essentials, workout videos, cooking, and recipe videos.

Google's Coronavirus website

The coronavirus website is currently available in only the English language, other languages will be added soon. The website is currently available for the USA region only, but soon it will be available for India, Italy, Spain, Japan, and all other countries in the world.

Every big tech company, entrepreneurs are trying to help and fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Bing also launched COVID Tracker to help people to get official information about Coronavirus. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest has played a major role to stop the spreading of misinformation about coronavirus on the internet. They are providing important links, carousal at the top of the search results.

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