Nova Drone – A Cinematic FPV Drone with 4K Camera

Check out Beagle's Nova Drone Specifications, Features, Price.

Nova Drone comes with a built-in 4K Camera!

Beagle team is coming with its latest Nova drone which offers a 4K 60FPS built-in camera, cinematic FPV experience, and so many other features. Last year, the Beagle company made Neo 2 mini drone for drone enthusiasts.

Nova is a ready-to-fly cinematic drone. It has a built-in 4K HD Camera, 14 minutes total flight time with 2 batteries, under 250 grams weight. Nova drone is lightweight so you do not need to register it with FAA or need a pilot license to fly it.

The project is started on Kickstarter and you can participate/back this project.

Nova Drone Specifications and Features

Nova Drone Specifications and Features:

Beagle’s Nova drone has a futuristic design. Its propellers are made up of space-grade carbon-x material. The chassis is robust and efficient. The drone is lightweight, small, and compact in size.

Its body is durable and water-resistant. The drone can survive water splashes, sprinkles, wet grasses and small puddles.

Nova drone takes the overall cinematic FPV experience to a new level. It has a built-in 4K camera. You can record videos in 4K UHD 60/30fps and 1080p 120/60/30fps with Nova.

While recording, Nova’s camera can simultaneously transmit a live video feed to your FPV goggles without any interruption. The flight range of the Nova drone is around 3200 feet.

It is not built for long-distance therefore it does not come with a “back-to-Home” button.

Attach GoPro to Nova Drone

You can attach an action camera like GoPro or Insta 360 to the drone. This gives opportunities to your creativity.

Based on the Omnitune system – Cybertune software configuration, Nova drone gives you a smooth flight experience. It also offers different flight modes and styles:

1. Boost Mode:

Boost mode increases the power and sensitivity of the drone. The drone can handle the external attached camera in this mode.

2. Cinema Mode:

Cinema Mode in Nova offers you a smoother flight. This mode is ideal for filmmaking.

3. Acro Style:

Acro style gives you complete creative control. You can make 360-degree flips while capturing dynamic videos.

Nova Acro Style.

4. Stability Style:

Perfect for beginners! The stability style controls the drone and keeps the flight steady and balanced.

Battery and Flight Time:

You get 2 batteries with a fast charger in the box. Each Nova battery gives 6-7 minutes of flight time. Each battery can be charged fully in under 15 minutes with a fast charger.

So if you want, you can stock up extra batteries to enjoy more flight time.


The price of a Nova drone starts from $369. You can buy different packages which include extra batteries or other accessories.

After purchasing, you will get Nova Drone, Controller, FPV Goggles, 2 Standard Batteries, Fast Battery Charger, 32 GB SD Card, USB Cable, User Guides, Stickers.

Beagle’s Nova drone is a compact, ready-to-fly drone that can be used to capture breathtaking 4K shots. This drone would show push the limits of what’s possible with FPV drone flying.

Nova Boost Mode

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