New Beagle Neo 2 Mini Drone with FPV Experience

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It Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Neo 2 is the latest drone by team Beagle which offers a fully immersive drone experience. Beagle Drones is an aerospace start-up company based in New Jersey, United States.

The drone comes with a first-person-view flying experience. You can use FPV goggles to explore your surrounding world with this mini drone.

Beagle Neo 2 is a perfect combination of modern design and advanced technologies. The project is already over 70% of funding on Kickstarter.

Neo 2 drone product pics

Neo 2 Specifications & Features:

The Neo 2 mini drone actually fits in the palm of your hand. It is perfect for outdoor as well as indoor flights because of its size and safety. The drone is built with safety in mind. The propeller guards of the drone are made up of high-density polymer. So if it hits something, it bounces off objects due to its flexible propeller guards without damaging anything.

It has an advanced Beagle Stability Flight Chipset. It allows the drone controlled and stable flight experience. The chipset emulates virtual GPS & trim inputs to provide full control during flight. It can also switch between modes and adapt its flight quickly to your preferred setting.

Beagle Neo 2 Drone Indoor Flying

This FPV drone is perfect for beginners, people who want to learn how to fly a drone, and, pilots who want some extra fun in the sky.

It has a color-accurate and high dynamic range (HDR) 120-degree camera. The drone is equipped 1S Li-Po 240mAh removable battery (x6) with a range of 400 ft, a total weight of 52 grams, and a size of 100mm. The drone has 17000 kV motors which give a flight time of around 5 minutes. It has also a boost mode and smart controls.

Battery and Flight Time:

The battery is located at the bottom of the drone. Each 240 mAh battery gives approximately 5 to 8 minutes of flight time. You get 6 batteries while purchasing so, in total, you will get 30 minutes of flight time with all the included batteries.

Neo 2 Availability and Price:

The drone comes with 2 variants – Neo 2 and Neo 2 plus. The variant includes the drone, the controller, case, 8 propellers, 6 batteries, a 10w 6-in-1 Multi fast charger, a quick start guide, and 2 stickers. Neo 2 Plus variant includes similar parts with added FPV goggles. Beagle company is also offering 24/7 customer support. Neo 2 comes with an affordable price tag. It is available on Kickstarter for $99 (AUD$146).

The Beagle Neo 2 is an immersive drone that captivates the thrill of flight wherever you are. With Stability Flight Chipset and Boost Mode, the Neo 2 is one of the coolest drones that can fit in the palm of your hand.

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