GoPro Hero 9 Black Price, Specs, Best Features, Release Date

Now you can shoot 5K Videos with GoPro Hero 9!!!

GoPro Hero 9 Black

8.6 out of 10
GoPro Hero 9 Black Price, Specs, Best Features, Release Date
8.1 out of 10
9.2 out of 10
Video Quality
8.9 out of 10
8.7 out of 10
Battery Backup
8.1 out of 10


Crisp 5K Video Recording

Colorful Front Display

Hypersmooth 3.0 Video Stabilization

Scheduled Capture

8X Slow-Mo, TimeWarp

Improved Battery Life


HDR Photos takes long time to process

Older GoPro Model Batteries are not compatible with Hero 9


GoPro Hero 9 means “More Everything”!

GoPro has released its next powerful action camera GoPro 9 Black! The all-new GoPro Hero 9 Black offers so many amazing features which include HindSight, Hypersmooth 3.0, built-in mounting, 30% more battery (compared to previous Hero 8), 8X Slow-Mo. Let’s check out all specifications and features, the price of the GoPro Hero 9 Black.


  • 23.6 Sensor
  • 5K video recording, 20MP photos
  • Rear TouchScreen or Live View Front Display
  • Hypersmooth 3.0 Video Stabilization
  • Built-In Mounting with Folding Fingers
  • Mods Compatibility
  • Bigger Battery

Design & Display:

Last year GoPro 8 came with a cageless design. Now, Hero 9 Black is even bigger in dimensions and better in terms of design.

GoPro has added a 1.4-inch color display on the front. DJI Osmo Action first introduced the front screen on the action camera. Now GoPro has come up with it, giving you both screens ‘ready-to-go’ at all times. Means both front and rear screen can be on without affecting the battery life. This is more useful and one step ahead of Osmo Action.

GoPro Hero 9 Dual Color Display

You can change the front screen ratio, what info it shows. You can also toggle On and Off in Hero 9’s menu. A new front display serves up a live preview for easy selfie framing.

On one side, the camera has a USB-C port, microSD card slot, and battery compartment. There is a start/stop button on top and a power and mode button on the side.

GoPro Hero 9 Front Side
GoPro Hero 9 Front Side
GoPro Hero 9 Front Side
GoPro Hero 9 Back

GoPro Hero 9 Black is a Dustproof, Shockproof, Waterproof action camera. You can use it in 10M deep water.


Now you can add alternative lenses or replace the lens cover. Also, you can attach mods to Hero 9 Black. Available mods including the ultra-wide Max Lens Mod, Light Mod, Display Mod, and Media Mod expand your creative options even more.

Outstanding Camera:

GoPro Hero 9 comes with a 23.6 MP sensor. It breaks the barrier of common 12MP sensors. With more megapixels, now you can shoot stunning 5K videos at 30FPS and can capture high-quality 20MP still images. You can shoot 4K videos at 60Fps.

Record 5K Videos with GoPro Hero 9

RAW images from GoPro 9 Black are much sharper and better compared to any other action camera. With a 23.6MP new sensor, you can capture 14.7 MP still images from videos. You can pull these 14.7MP images from 5K videos.

We suggest you pull images from 5K videos instead of capturing RAW photos separately. This way you won’t miss any shots.

GoPro Hero 9 Black Features:

GoPro Hero 9 comes with some exciting features and software improvements. Let’s see these features.

Hypersmooth 3.0:

GoPro’s previous Hypersmooth feature was already great and now it is more improved and stable! Hypersmooth 3.0 offers in-camera horizon leveling which gives more stability while recording videos like a professional gimbal.

Scheduled Capture:

Scheduled Capture gives the opportunity to record videos, timelapse at a scheduled time. For example, if you want to record a timelapse of sunrise but don’t want to wake up early, you can set a timer to record at that particular time. GoPro Hero 9 will do all the work while you are sleeping. You can also set the duration of the recording.

Another example, if you want to record northern lights, you can schedule the time you want to begin your recording. GoPro will do all the work!


Now you can not miss important shots as Hero 9 can capture 30 seconds before you hit the record button. Remember to turn on the Hindsight feature. When it is turned on, even if you press the shutter button too late, you’ll still get the shot.

TimeWarp 3.0:

Timewarp 3.0 offers more acceleration and control to your time-lapse videos. You can tap Speed Ramp to slow the action while recording in TimeWarp.

8X Slo-Mo:

You can capture up to 240 frames per second for an astonishing 8x slow-motion effect.

Webcam Mode:

Hero 9 gets webcam mode, an official built-in camera mode. You have to simply click on the webcam toggle in the camera’s settings and plugin it into the computer. You will now have a high-quality USB webcam you can use to create videos or talk over Zoom.

Live Burst:

With the Live Burst feature, you can record 1.5 seconds before and after your shot. So you can find the best pic or share it as a short video.

GoPro Hero 9 LiveBurst Feature

Duration Capture:

You can set the length of time you want the camera to record. This is a nice feature, especially if you want to record road trip timelapse.

Battery & Charging:

GoPro Hero 9 offers 30% more battery than Hero 8. It has a 1,720mAh battery. You can record 4K videos continuously up to 2 hours, 10 Minutes. The battery life is good for vloggers, YouTubers.

You can carry extra batteries with you. Remember, old GoPro model batteries don’t fit with GoPro 9. You have to buy a new battery pack for Hero 9 Black model.

GoPro Hero 9 20MP Still Images

GoPro Hero 9 Accessories:

There are more than 30 accessories available for Hero 9. You can also buy Hero 9 Black bundle which includes a GoPro Handler floating grip, spare battery, Magnetic Swivel Clip, microSD card, and the camera itself.

Price, Subscription, and Offers:

GoPro Hero 9 Black is available at $449.99, ₹33000, AU$699.95, £429.99. GoPro is giving a $100 discount if you buy with 1 year of GoPro subscription. The subscription gives you unlimited cloud storage, total camera replacement, 32GB SD card.

You can get the Hero 9 Bundle at $499.99, £479.99, AU$799.95. The new Max Lens Mod costs $99.99, £89.99.

Should you buy GoPro Hero 9?

GoPro Hero 9 Black is the most powerful and versatile action camera. You can record 5K videos, 20MP RAW images with it. Hero 9 offers cool features like Hypersmooth 3.0, scheduled capture. It has dual screens which are great for vlogging. It is a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof action camera that you can take it on any adventure.

If you already have Hero 8 then upgrading to Hero 9 Black is not required. It is unnecessary unless you want 5K recording. But if you have older GoPro models or want to buy your first action camera then you must buy GoPro Hero 9 Black.

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