New Instagram Threads Messaging App For Your Close Friends

New Instagram Threads Messaging App For Your Close Friends

Instagram Launched A Competitor Of Snapchat App?

Instagram Threads

Instagram has launched its new companion app called Instagram Threads on Android and iOS platforms. It will help you to stay connected with your close friends. You can use Threads to automatically tell your close friends your location, mood, working, and other activities.

Instagram Threads gives a Close Friends-only messaging experience. You just have to open the app and then you can instantly send photos and videos to specific people. You can share an activity with your friends if you are at work, home, driving or chilling.

The app has new features like Status and Auto Status added by Instagram. The features allow you to manually set an emoji as an away message to show Close Friends what you’re doing. Instagram automatically selects those emoji for status based on your location, accelerometer and even your phone’s battery level.

There are so many new features added in Threads but most of the features are similar to Snapchat. It shows Instagram and Facebook company has launched ‘Threads’ against similar apps like Snapchat. Threads might become Snapchat competitor app in the future.

You can use Threads with parallel to the main Instagram app for direct messaging. You can set Threads to add only close-friends list so you get notifications only from your important people. So, How to use Instagram Thread Messaging App? How does it work?

Instagram Threads Messaging App

Threads from Instagram is a new app for keeping up with your close friends. It’s the place for you to quickly share photos, videos, statuses, and Stories with your Instagram Close Friends list. Threads has a focus on speed and privacy. It will let users share messages, photos, videos, Stories, and more. Instagram says “you are in control of who can reach you on Threads, and you can customize the experience around the people who matter most.”

Where to Download Instagram Threads App for Free?

You can download Instagram Threads App for Android and iOS mobiles. It is available on Google Play – Threads from Instagram on Google Play. It is available on iOS App Store – Threads from Instagram on Apple Apps Store.

After downloading, you have to log in with your Instagram account. Then you have to choose the best friends and make a list. Later you can set Auto Status and update settings.


1. Close Friends Only!

Social media apps have become so much ‘crowded’ nowadays. There are so many inevitable people and problems. You have to see the status, photos or activities of people you don’t care about. Sometimes you can not share your photos, moods or activities with everyone. Here comes the Instagram Threads which is built for only Close-Friends.

Instagram Threads Direct Messaging to best friends

Instagram Threads works using the main app’s Instagram Close Friends list. You have to synchronize the list. The app doesn’t send notifications when you edit your list. Only this list gets your shared stories, moods, activities.

When you open threads app, you get a camera as a default screen just like Snapchat. You can put Friend’s faces as a shortcut at the bottom of the screen so you can send photos or videos directly to that friend or swipe-up for chatting. Also, you can rearrange or change this shortcut setting.

Instagram Threads Home Camera Customization

If you send a photo to someone through Threads who doesn’t have the app or hasn’t added you back as a close friend, it will just get sent to their regular Instagram DMs.

Currently, there are no augmented reality masks or other fancy filters to use. You can only send text or drawing lines with photos as it is made for fast speed experience. You can send GIFs, gallery photos, videos in chats. A draft photo can be deleted by clicking an X or by swiping down.

The close friend’s chats will mirror in main Instagram app. LinkedIn would be wise to give some thought around organizing contacts into ‘close friends’ or ‘colleagues/biz acquaintances from past careers’.

2. Auto Status

You can use ‘Auto Status’ Feature in the app which acts as a conversation starter, gives contextual clues to why someone might not respond, opportunities to meet up offline.

Auto Status - Instagram Threads App

With Status, you can set an emoji as your away message for one to four hours. You can select from pre-made text tag lines and define a new one from the different emojis available. You can say you’re 👍 (free), 🚫 (busy), 📚 (studying) or make something personal like 😈 (getting into trouble). The status can be set to 1 to 4 hours visibility.

Auto Status feature is off by default. You can turn it on in settings. The status uses data signals to choose emojis. It checks your data and matches your exact location like home, cafe, library, gym, movie theatre, bar, mall, in car. Your accelerometer shows if you are driving or biking. Then according to that, it can update status and activities.

For example, if you are watching a movie in the theater, the auto status will update status to you’re at the movies. Facebook does not store your location history. It gets deleted with status.

The app also shares your battery status. Robby Stein, Director of Product, Instagram tells the reason behind sharing battery status that you might suddenly stop replying when you are low on battery. Also, you might not be next to the phone while charging it. That’s helpful knowledge to share with Close Friends, even if it’d be weird to post it more widely.

3. Themes:

There are some themes to choose from. You can activate themes like greener Aurora, yellower Sunrise, Dark-midnight, Twilight and regular Daylight.

Instagram Threads Settings

4. Boosting Chats

Threads could boost Close Friends’ usage. After reaching different levels you can share more intimate and silly stuff on Stories. There are ads too between it which do help Instagram earn money.

Threads from Instagram Is A Snapchat Rival?

Instagram Threads will become Snapchat rival? Well, only time will tell this. The app has so many added features in it that will get loved by users, especially teens. WeChat, Snapchat has similar features like Threads but there are also so many unwanted alerts in those apps. While Threads is only dedicated to Close-Friends which can become famous in teens.

Even if the app fails, Instagram can add these extra features in the main app to make Instagram stronger. It’s clear that Threads can bring you a little closer to the people you care about.

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