17 Best iTunes Alternatives For Windows and Mac Computers [2023]

List of top-rated iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac

Apple discontinued iTunes with the macOS Catalina update. iTunes was there for almost 20+ years connecting almost all of your Apple devices. Apple declared end-of-life for iTunes on Mac. Now iTunes is replaced with dedicated media apps like Apple Music, Podcasts, Apple TV. For iPhone management, Apple has added Finder software to Mac. Currently, you can use the Finder to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your computer.

So after iTunes is gone, you have to depend on multiple Apple apps. In this blog post, we have made a list of the Best iTunes alternatives for Mac and Windows PC so you can manage your photos, music collection, contacts, and data seamlessly with one app only. There are iTunes alternatives for backup management and managing music collections, photos, and videos and you can do much more with them. Let’s check it out.

iTunes alternatives for Backup Management

AnyTrans App Best iTunes Alternative

1. AnyTrans App: Alternative for iPhone Backup

Supported PlatformsMac, Windows, iOS
Price: Free | Single license – $39.99 (1-Year Subscription) | Family Plan – $79.99 (Unlimited Devices)

Since 2011, Anytrans App is providing a backup manager for users. With the Anytrans app, you can manage, transfer, back up all your iPhone’s data and use encryption for security. It is compatible with all iPhone models. You can get backup data even from an old iPhone 3GS that was launched in 2009. You can transfer music, videos, photos, apps, messages, WhatsApp chats, attachments and other content in one click across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, Android Phone to iPhone, and across your PC.

AnyTrans Software Tutorial

There are multiple features in the AnyTrans app. It makes the perfect iTunes alternative featuring a secure Backup Manager, Phone Switcher, Social Messages Manager. You can use the AirBackup feature and other tools to schedule and create automatic backups of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch whenever your devices (Mac and iPhone) are connected to the same Wi-Fi. You can also monitor the frequency and manually change it. The backup data is stored locally ensuring full safety, Despite the Wi-Fi or USB transfer.

AnyTrans smartly organizes different types of iPhone photos and videos into different folders. It also offers HEIC Converter tool to convert HEIC images to JPG/ JPEG and PNG images. You can turn your favorite song into an iPhone ringtone, mirror and record your iDevice screen. AnyTrans App supports 7 languages, 27 types of iOS data. With Anytrans, you can control your iPhone data.

You can Free download AnyTrans software here.

WALTR Pro Best alternative to iTunes for files transfer

2. WALTR Pro: Best alternative to iTunes for file transfer

Supported Platforms: macOS, Windows
Price: Free | Billed Annually $2.92/month | One-Time Payment $300

WALTR Pro is a very convenient and powerful software. It helps to convert any file on the internet and transfer it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch effortlessly. The WALTR Pro is the best iTunes alternative to transfer files and data. You can easily drag and drop files and transfer them from your Mac to your iPhone and vice versa. It detects music, videos, PDFs, ePub, audiobooks and all other file formats.

WALTR Pro has a simple and minimalistic user interface. It comes with unique features and it is compatible with many apps, it also works with iMessage. It supports iOS 5 and above versions, and almost all file formats. It automatically changes the file format and makes the files compatible with your device. You can transfer files according to the app’s destination. WALTR Pro provides the ability to manually edit cover art and metadata.

To watch videos, there are options to choose different video players, third-party iOS apps from the list, like VLC player. It is not limited to only Apple’s stock apps like Apple TV.

You can Free download WALTR Pro software here.

Leawo iTransfer Automatically converts unsupported formats, Transfer Apps
Leawo iTransfer

3. Leawo iTransfer: Automatically converts unsupported formats, Transfer Apps

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac
Price: Free | 1-year license – $19.95 | Lifetime license – $29.95

Got a new iPhone? Leawo iTransfer is another very easy-to-use solution for backup, data organization and data transfer between iOS devices, iTunes, Mac, and Windows PCs. You can smoothly transfer different files including apps, photos, music, videos, TV shows, ringtones, contacts, messages, PDFs by using Leawo iTransfer.

Leawo iTransfer has a quick-to-use, simplistic user interface. After installation and launch, it detects your device automatically when you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to the computer. It shows different types of media files such as photos, videos, movies, podcasts, ringtones, notes, books, contacts, and messages. You can select files from there and quickly transfer or back up them. Leawo iTransfer can intelligently convert unsupported file formats to iOS-compatible formats. It also filter out duplicate files. iTransfer is not compatible with iCloud contact backup.

You can Free download Leawo iTransfer software here.

Wondershare Dr.Fone Best iTune alternative for Data Recovery
Wondershare Dr.Fone

4. Wondershare Dr.Fone: Best iTune alternative for Data Recovery

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac
Price: Free | Starting from $59.95

Wondershare Dr.Fone is one of the best solutions for iPhone data recovery. You can also back up your data from a broken phone via iTunes and iCloud. Sometimes users lost their iPhone data due to iOS upgrades, factory reset, or other reasons. Wondershare Dr.Fone software helps you to recover lost data, deleted data from your device. It supports iPhone 4 and above models. It also shows a preview of the files before you restore them.

Wondershare by Dr. Fone can recover your contacts, messages, notes, call history, calendar, Whatsapp history, WeChat/Viber/Line messages, and even Safari bookmarks from your iPhone devices. It can retrieve data from the last factory restore of your device.

There’s a Free trial version available for users as well as different premium plans for single users, businesses. You can Free download Wondershare Dr.Fone software here.

EaseUS MobiMover Best Mobile Data Manager
EaseUS MobiMover

5. EaseUS MobiMover: Best Mobile Data Manager

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac
Price: Free | $23.95 for a monthly license | Lifetime $69.95 | Technician $399.00

EaseUS MobiMover is also a great alternative to iTunes. You can transfer and manage your data by connecting your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your PC/Mac and then syncing across all devices. You can back up or restore 12+ types of files including photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages.

With EaseUS MobiMover, you can free download music or online videos from more than 1000+ sites, including YouTube. [Check out How to Download videos from YouTube using different software].

You can back up, restore, and transfer WhatsApp chats, attachments. EaseUS MobiMover has a neat user interface and feature-rich data management. Sadly, it does not support Android devices. In the free version, you can transfer 20 files per day. With the Pro version, it can transfer unlimited files. Premium Edition comes with more features.

You can Free download EaseUS MobiMover software here.

6. PhoneRescue: Reliable iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Price: Free

PhoneRescue is a reliable data recovery tool that supports more than 25 types of data formats like phones, messages, music, audio, video, and more. It’s a good iTunes replacement.

It has a sleek UI, and a step-by-step wizard. You can retrieve your data even if it is encrypted by iCloud or you don’t have access to your device. PhoneRescue software also lets you fix your broken iPhone from a system crash, making it one of the best software in the market.

You can Free download PhoneRescue software here.


7. DearMob: Best for Managing your iPhone

Supported Platforms: Mac and Windows
Price: Free | 1-Year Subscription $29.95 (3 PCs) | Lifetime Family License $59.95

DearMob is a robust iOS backup and transfer tool for every iPhone/iPad owner. It can be used to transfer and recover data between devices easily. You can safely transfer everything from the old iPhone, iPad to new devices, computers, and external hard drives.

With DearMob, You can back up and bulk transfer 15+ file types including photos, contacts, EPUB, PDF, M4B and media files. It can 1:1 clone content to new iPhone and iPad. You can also make a folder of similar photos, delete them, or convert HEIC images into JPG images by using DearMob. It can transfer 100 pieces of 4K photos in 8 seconds and can handle 10000+ photos transfer without freezing. For added security, DearMob encrypts your data.

You can Free download DearMob software here.

Best alternative to iTunes to manage Music Collection

MusicBee Best free iTunes alternative

1. MusicBee: Best free iTunes alternative

Supported Plaforms: Windows 7/8/10/11
Price: Free

MusicBee is the best iTunes replacement player that also transfers data. It is one of the fastest and highly customizable tool to sync your music across all of your devices. You can also manage, search, play music across connected devices. It also works with web radio stations, podcasts, Groove Music, SoundCloud integrations.

MusicBee is simple, fast and powerful music player. It has a customizable theme and feel with easy to use simple interface. There are multiple features in a player to enhance your music streaming experience. Some of the features include logarithmic volume scaling, DSP effects, 15-band equalizer to fine-tune your music, theme support, gapless playback, auto-tagging, etc. Like iTunes, you can also rip or burn CDs from MusicBee.

MusicBee also offers a wide range of WinAmp plugins that enhance your music even more, making it one of the best free iTunes alternatives.

You can Free download MusicBee from here.

VLC Media Player

2. VLC Media Player: Free iTunes alternative

Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android
Price: Free

VLC media player is the best free iTunes alternative for users. VLC (VideoLAN Client) is an open-source, cross-platform, free multimedia music player with so many features. It is in active development since 2001. VLC player supports almost all audio and video formats. It does not contain any ads, spyware, or engage in user tracking.

VLC media player comes with powerful features. There are so many advanced options and settings you can tweak. You can play any audio or video file format including CDs, DVDs, AVI, MP4 and MKV, and many more. You don’t even need to download codecs or anything else. It can run MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3 or any other files.

The player supports online streaming with most mainstream protocols. Its skin editor can be customized, and you get hardware acceleration for fast GPU playback. We highly recommend the VLC media player.

You can Free download VLC Media Player from here.

WinX MediaTrans Best iPhone iPad Manager to Transfer Photos, Music Videos from to PC
WinX MediaTrans

3. WinX MediaTrans: Best iPhone/iPad Manager to Transfer Photos, Music Videos from/to PC

Supported Platforms: Windows 10/11
Price: Free | Premium License $19.95 | Ultimate License $39.95 (Lifetime)

WinX MediaTrans is the best iTunes alternative for dedicated Windows users. You can use it for Windows 10/11. It has a one-click installation and a user-friendly interface.

It connects your PC with iDevice instantly and enables two-way transfer. You can manage and transfer bulky photos, music, videos, e-books, voice, ringtones, and other media files securely. It supports two-way sync, automatic photo backup, music management, video transfer, ringtone maker, data encryption (256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2) with a password and many more features. It can turn iPhone storage into a flash drive.

You don’t have to install iTunes on your device to use this app. Data transfer is quick and encrypted, without any data loss. It also converts eBooks to PDF/TXT/HTML format. There’s MacX MediaTrans app which handles similar functionalities for Mac users.

WinX MediaTrans features music management so you can create playlists, edit title, artist, album, year of the song, delete songs, organize music in genres. There is an option to auto-convert HEIC, MP3, M4A, HEVC, MKV, EPUB file formats during transferring. It also decodes DRM-ed movies/TV shows/videos or music to MP4, MP3 for smooth playback. You will have to purchase the premium version to access the DRM removal feature.

You can Free download WinX MediaTrans from here.


4. TIDAL: For Music Lovers

Price: FREE | HiFi $9.99/month | HiFi Plus $19.99/month

Launched in 2014, TIDAL is a global music streaming platform for audiophiles as well as artists. It is available on all devices, making it one of the best iTunes replacement for you. It provides exceptional sound quality streaming. With a higher subscription plan, you get better streaming quality options.

The TIDAL app has a great UI. It delivers superior sound quality and it supports music videos too. You can move your favorite playlists, tracks, albums, and artists from other streaming services and listen to them on TIDAL. Artists can collaborate with the other artist community. The only problem is Tidal does not support podcasts. They should add support to podcasts. Features are limited in TIDAL compared to other free software.

You can Free download TIDAL from here.

Amarok Best iTunes alternative for iPod music

5. Amarok: Best iTunes alternative for iPod music

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix
Price: Free

Amarok music player is a free iTunes alternative on the market for Windows, Linux, Unix operating system. It is a lightweight and powerful music player that comes with lots of features letting you easily sync music between your desktop and iPod, other devices.

It features a dynamic playlists, bookmarking, collection management. Amarok has a powerful API that you can use to access music from anywhere directly, download and upload to MP3 tunes Locker, and connect to Ampache service remotely.

You can use community developed scripts to enhance your Amarok experience, customize supplemental music information with the Context View, and drag-drop actions using the PopUp Dropper menu. Amarok supports 45 languages. You can import the iTunes database and keep your stats, play counts, and scores in Amarok.

You can free download Amarok from here.

MediaMonkey Best Media Manager for Serious Collectors

6. MediaMonkey: Best Media Manager for Serious Collectors

Supported Platforms: Android, Windows
Price: Free | Version 5 Gold $29.95 | Lifetime Gold $59.95

MediaMonkey is an award-winning music player, the better alternative to iTunes that supports multiple file formats, larger files, and even formats like M3U and PLS. It supports MP3, AAC, OGG, MPC, WAV, CDA, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, and many more formats. It makes large file management stress-free, easier and faster.

You can easily manage and synchronize your extensive music collection. You can organize 100,000+ songs, local music, audiobooks, podcasts, and music videos. MediaMonkey is best for auto managing large libraries.

It has a sleek UI. The application notifies you if it picks up movies and musics’ missing metadata, or important information, reducing the duplication of data. MediaMonkey helps to syn audio/video and playlists with iPhone, iPad, iPod, your PC, other devices, DLNA media players, TVs, or cloud services seamlessly.

You can choose the premium version at $29.95 USD to unlock Version 5 Gold functionality. With the premium version, you get more features like automatic organization, auto-conversion, high-speed Encoding, CD recording, unlimited streaming, sleep timer and many more. There’s a Lifetime Gold plan available for $59.95. MediaMonkey is one of the best Music Managers for Windows.

You can free download MediaMonkey from here.

7. CopyTrans: Best iTunes replacement

Supported Platforms: Windows
Price: Free

CopyTrans is another iTunes replacement, an efficient app to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad and PC. It can be used to transfer music, videos, playlists, podcasts, ringtones, and voice memos from an iDevice to a PC or iTunes and vice versa. There are two backup methods:

1. Smart Backup enables us to sync all songs, videos, playlists, artworks, and metadata to the iTunes library. It filters out duplicate content. 2. Classic Mode is more customizable that gives flexible choice to transfer files that we can export specific videos, songs, and playlists from iPhone, iPad, iPod to iTunes or an assigned path of hard drive on your Mac or Windows PC.

It is so easy to manage music, edit metadata, and remove duplicates by using Copytrans. It can also be used for modifying track titles and artwork.

You can Free Download CopyTrans from here.

iMazing app For Mac and Windows PC users

8. iMazing: For Mac and Windows PC users

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS
Price: Starting from $39.99

iMazing is a user-friendly iTunes alternative on our list. It is a powerful and trusted software that allows you to manage files, transfer, back up via USB or Wi-Fi. You can save, organize and export SMS, iMessages, MMS, photos, videos, messages, ringtones, call histories, safari data and create encrypted backups.

iMazing is easy-to-use, fast software. You can buy multiple devices license or business licenses as per your requirements.

You can Free Download iMazing from here.

9. Vox: MP3 & FLAC Music Player

Supported Platforms: macOS, iOS, Windows
Pricing: Free | $4.99/month

Vox is a feature-rich music player that offers so many features for music lovers making it the best Apple Music alternative. Vox supports direct audio streaming from Soundcloud, YouTube, and more than 30,000 Internet Radio Stations. It features a built-in equalizer and hi-res audio playback with up to 24bit/192kHz (greater than standard 44kHz sound resolution). You get to listen to high-resolution music with lossless audio.

You can customize different skins and plugins in Vox. It supports numerous file formats including CUE, FLAC, M4A, APE. Other features include enhanced stereo sound, bass audio engine, gapless playback, cloud storage. You can use Vox Universal on all platforms.

You can Free download Vox from here.

10. 5K Player: The New Style Video Player

Supported Platforms: macOS, Windows
Pricing: Free

5K Player is a fully-featured player for Windows and Mac that supports a wide range of video formats including 5K, 8K and 360-degree videos. This player is a mixture of free (MKV) UHD video player, music player, AirPlay & DLNA enabled media streamer and online downloader.

You can stream video with almost no loss of quality as it supports DLNA and AirPlay. You can play MP3, 1080p videos, DVD, IPTV, AAC, APE, FLAC, and wirelessly stream audio or video. You can use it to download videos from more than 300 sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo. 5KPlayer has built-in radio player. You can listen to the satellite radio from, such as BBC, WNYC, Capital, Gold, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Classic FM, LBC, ABC, XFM, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Absolute Radio, Classic Roc and many more.

You can Free download 5K Player from here.

We hope this list of the top-rated iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac helps you choose the best software to transfer and manage music, videos, photos, and other data on your iPhone and iPad.

Is iTunes being discontinued?

Yes, Apple has already shut down iTunes on Mac after announcing its End-Of-Life state.

What can I use instead of iTunes on Windows?

You can use VLC, MusicBee, Media Monkey, Tidal instead of iTunes on Windows PC. There are more software to choose as listed above.

What is the best iTunes alternative for backup management?

AnyTrans app is best iTunes alternative for backup management.

What is the best iTunes alternative to manage music?

There are so many software you can use. VLC, MusicBee are the best iTunes alternatives to manage music. Other famous software includes MediaMonkey, Clementine, Vox Media Player, Fidelia, Musique, Tidal.

What is the best iTunes alternative for Windows?

WinX MediaTrans software is the best alternative for Windows. There are also other apps available for Windows users.

What is the best iTunes alternative for Mac?

Finder is the best iTunes alternative for Mac. You can also try MusicBee, Vox, WalterPro.

Is there a free version of iTunes?

iTunes is completely free to download and use.

What is a good replacement for iTunes?

MusicBee, WalterPro, Vox media player, and many more apps can be considered as a good replacement for iTunes.

What is replacing iTunes on pc?

Apple to replace iTunes for Windows with Music, TV, and Devices apps

Can I still use iTunes on windows?

Yes, you can still download iTunes from Microsoft Store for free. It is available for you to rent or buy movies, download TV shows, listen to songs and manage your entire music library.

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