Miko 2: India’s First Companion Robot For Children

Indian Robotics Company Emotix Launches Miko 2, A Smart Companion Robot For Children with improved "Emotional Intelligence"

Miko 2

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Miko 2 Review: A Brain With Loads Of Heart!!

Indian Robotics company Emotix launched its advanced version of the robot – Miko 2. Emotix is Mumbai City-based startup that has a solution for working parents who are worried about kids’ care. Miko 2 is a companion robot for children. Miko 2 came 2 years after the Emotix company unveiled their first Miko Robot. The Miko 2 has advanced Artificial Intelligence, better parenting controls, a front camera, microphones, and improved “Emotional Intelligence”.

Miko 2 is actually the third product in its series. Miko Plus was a minor update to Miko, which was launched earlier in 2018. You can start interacting with this Miko by just saying “Hey Miko!”

In Miko 2, there is improved noise cancellation which helps to hear robots even with ambient noise situations. Also, Miko 2 has a design similar to the Miko Plus product. Miko 2 has the ability to ask questions to children to revise for examinations.

Miko 2 robot can see, and recognize faces with its HD camera. It can hear with a noise cancellation feature microphone and move in different directions with small wheels. It can also sense, express, talk, remember names, identify moods, initiate a conversation, and learn from its own environment to intuitively develop a bond with the kid.

Miko 2 Crying (AI)

Miko 2 weighs 800 gm and is over 1 foot in height. It has sensors that help to effectively communicate with people verbally and visually. It can even understand emotions and will show similar faces on display like sadness or happiness.

It comes with a screen that allows it to display different expressions. Miko 2 has more expressions than the older versions. It can also make video calls. The company has dubbed this feature TeleConnect and says it will allow parents to keep in touch with their children.

Miko 2 has the motion capabilities to dance and even swirl. It has edge sensors that prevent it from falling off edges such as a table or stairs. It has better battery life than previous versions. Also, sound quality and display quality is improved.

The company plans to allow third-party developers to make apps for the Miko 2 via a software development kit (SDK). The Miko 2 SDK is expected to release in between March to April 2019. But the company has also collaborated with Mocomi, Amar Chitra Katha, and StoryWalker to have some content available at launch.

For operating, you need a 1.0 version smartphone and one time WiFi setup for Miko 2 application. While the company is committed to privacy, the CEO of Emotix said that the conversations between Miko 2 and the person are end-to-end encrypted and data is secured.

Miko 2 comes in 3 colors. Martian Red, Pixie Blue, and Goblin Green colors are available to purchase. Miko 2 has a price of Rs 24,999 (INR). It will be available at a Hamleys store in India from December 15 and via other offline and online stores from January 15 next year.

Co-founders of Emotix company believe that Miko 2 will be a game-changer in the industry of manufacturing facilities and logistics.

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What is the price of Miko 2?

₹ 24,999.00

Is Miko 2 worth buying?

Miko 2 is pricey side but it’s a good robot for children.

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