Health & Tech 2021 Free Challenge By WellAI

AI, Genomics, Blockchain can give a better healthcare system?

WellAI Data Scientists are presenting events about the latest research on AI, Machine Learning, Genomics, Blockchain in Healthcare and Finance. Can AI, Genomics, Blockchain make you and your family healthier?

To find all answers, you can take Health & Tech 2021 Challenge by WellAI. You can register for free here. This online event is jointly organized with the society of quantitative analysts.

Coronavirus stopped the whole world in 2020 and made us realized how health is so much important than anything else. You can decide now to make 2021 healthier by understanding how technology will affect our health.

WellAI has created the Health & Technology Free Challenge with 4 in-depth sessions on the latest advances in tech and the health industry. All 4 Sessions will be led by top scientists in the fields of artificial intelligence, immunity, and genetic research, blockchain.

Technological advances are moving amazingly fast. It is important to know and understand which technologies are good for you and which technologies are not good, which ones have solid evidence and which ones are mostly hype? Finally, which ones are ethical and how do we cope with the onslaught of surveillance tech?

You can join sessions (100% free) and upgrade your knowledge of the fast-changing world. AI, Genomics, Blockchain: Health & Tech 2021 Free Challenge consists of 4 live trainings:

1. Dec. 29, Noon Eastern Time

Topic: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Be Healthier in 2021: Summarizing Humanity’s Knowledge Using Natural Language Processing.

2. January 19, Noon Eastern Time

Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Genomics: Not Our Destiny!

3. January 21, Noon Eastern Time

Topic: Blockchain & Medicine: Can Satoshi’s Invention Give Us a Better Healthcare System?

4. January 28, Noon Eastern Time

Topic: Artificial Intelligence Eyes: How Computer Vision Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Diagnostics.


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