Japan will use AI robots to help students to speak English

Japan will use English Speaking AI robots to help students to speak English

The government of Japan is planning to use English speaking robots in schools for children. This AI robots can help with the English oral communication skills of children. The education ministry of Japan has made a plan for this. Japan’s national broadcaster NHK reported this news.

If you ever tried to have a conversation with Google Assistant or Alexa you’ll better understand how these robots with artificial intelligence can be useful.

Japanese students are generally not so good at writing or speaking English. Therefore education ministry has decided to improve these skills of students from their school days. The curriculum guidelines are due to be fully implemented in 2 years which will help to improve English writing & speaking skills.

The ministry will launch a pilot program in April 2019. The initiative will start in 500 schools nationwide. While some schools have already adopted some robots for children to improve their English communication and pronunciation skills. This program also includes native English speakers for better results. Also, there are some study apps and online communication sessions for children.

According to the latest data, Japan is the 37th country in the EF English Proficiency Index in 2017. There are a total of 80 countries in the index. Therefore, improving English is a need for Japan country. According to reports, the ministry of education is under pressure to improve the English language skills of elementary teachers. It also lacks funds to hire native English speakers to every school.

Analysts predict that the educational robotics market will be worth $1.7 billion by 2023. The use of AI robotics in the educational field is very useful and informative. We can assume there will be more robots everywhere in the future.

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