Smartproxy Overview, Price, Features


8.1 out of 10
Smartproxy Overview, Price, Features
Proxy Network
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8.1 out of 10
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Premium Dedicated Proxy Seller

Provide Both Datacenter Proxies & Residential Proxies

40M Residential IP Addresses

Affordable Plans

Worldwide coverage

24/7 customer service

Smartproxy is one of the perfect proxy networks in the current market. It has a robust network that can handle unlimited parallel connection requests and high-quality servers in every corner of the world. Smartproxy creates an unrivaled product in the proxy industry due to its technically advanced live customer service agents and industry-leading benchmark results, gaining praise in expert circles.

This proxy service company provides Residential Proxies as well as data center proxies. The data centers are available in 192 locations from all around the world.

Let’s see detailed information, features, and pricing of the Smartproxy service.

Why is this Smartproxy network so popular?

There are so many reasons why Smartproxy is becoming a famous proxy service in the world. Some highlighted features are as below:

  • Millions of proxies in any country and major city around the globe. 
  • They have guides for every script imaginable. 
  • The functional API for Pro clients. 
  • A vast residential IP network for data access. 
  • Extremely capable 24/7 live customer service via chat. 
  • No limit on concurrent connection requests. 
  • Free advanced proxy rotation, an extension for browsers, and a proxy generator.

Rotating Proxies for scraping online data

Professionals we’ve talked to pick Smartproxy to take advantage of advanced proxy rotation for data scrapers. As every rotating port can shift your IP with every connection request, you never get blacklisted from accessing a target resource. For users that have no use for advanced rotating proxies and instead use the same IP address, there is an option for ‘Sticky’ servers that gives you the same proxy server for up to 30 minutes.

Smartproxy for Sneaker Bots

Good proxies are a must for a digital sneakerhead. At Smartproxy, you can find both residential and data center proxies, thus all sneaker resellers can use it to get the newest limited edition shoes. Smartproxy has the best guides that tell you how to go about setting up proxies in sneaker bots.

Buying Proxies from Smartproxy

Pricing & Plans:

One of the selling points of Smartproxy is its price. The pricing plans are so much more affordable compared to some other proxy services in the market. Also, the price goes down if you buy more bandwidth.

It offers more than 40 million highest-quality proxy servers. With residential proxies for as little as $8.5, you can scrape data and websites at any time and place of your choosing. If you are an enterprise customer, you can expect to pay as little as $7.5 per gigabyte of proxy usage. Datacenter proxy subscriptions are even more affordable: the lowest plan tier is priced at just $10/month.

SmartProxy Flexible pricing
SmartProxy Pricing

Free Proxy Management Apps

Smartproxy has released quite a few applications for desktop clients. Be sure to check out: the Chrome extension and the Proxy Generator App and various other tools that will help you use proxies quickly.

Using Smartproxy Service

Smartproxy is great for new users: there is a slick dashboard where proxy users can view their proxy use, and rapidly use each proxy setup setting. In case a user needs proxies to target a precise country, you can follow the FAQ or the handy Quick Start guide that Smartproxy sends you after a client orders a proxy plan.

Smartproxy IPs in Top Countries

Smartproxy Trial

There’s no free trial on Smartproxy, but it offers its clients a three-day money-back option. This is more than enough time to play around and figure out how much you like how the proxy network does what you need it to do.

Notice: do not use more than 20% of your plan before asking to get your money back.

Smartproxy does more!

Smartproxy is the only fun proxy network in the world. It has great customer service and is unafraid to share a joke every so often. This is a new attitude in the proxy industry, where old-timers are focused on old-fashioned relationships. Smartproxy caters to top companies and hustlers alike, it is not scared to speak directly. Don’t believe us? – go to Smartproxy and jump into a chat right now.

Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy is a premium proxy service. It is a dedicated proxy seller with so many features to offer to its customers.

Smartproxy is the easiest-to-use residential IP address provider. It has global coverage and high-quality servers in every country and major city. Smartproxy is the rising star of the proxy industry thanks to its professional 24/7 customer service agents and product performance, gaining massive recognition online.

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