Android 9 Pie: Everything you need to know about Android 9

Android 9 Pie: Everything you need to know about Android 9

Android 9 Pie features, tips.

Android 9 Pie Update: Everything you need to know about Android 9

Pie is always delicious whether it’s blueberry, apple or pumpkin. Get ready to grab another slice, as the baked dish is the name of the next version of Android. Google has finally released the latest version of Android. The name of the new version is ‘Android 9 Pie’. Google pixel and pixel 2 smartphones will get this new version first. Here is Everything you need to know about Android 9.

New Features :

Artificial Intelligence:

Android 9 Pie is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This AI helps in general quality of life improvements. App actions is a built-in function in App Drawer. This App action feature suggests action based on your usage of the smartphone. For example, if you call your friend at the same time every day, expect a button to appear in the App Drawer that will directly start a call with your friend. If you plugged in your headphones – app actions feature will offer your most played music playlist in Google Play Music. This can save your few clicks!! It predicts what you are about to do, so you get quickly to your next task.

Adaptive Battery:

This is a very important feature as some android users struggle for battery backup. Adaptive battery feature uses your app data to learn how you like to use your phone. Then it closes all other apps which you no longer use. It causes no more draining of battery.


Adaptive Brightness:

Now your phone can learn how you use to set brightness level at a different time of day and night. So you don’t need to change it manually. Adaptive Brightness feature does it all for you.


Slices is one of the best features of Android Pie. It brings relevant parts of your favorite apps to the surface. For example, If you search for Lyft on your smartphone, there will be options available to book your car, nearest car distance, estimated time etc. without opening the app.

New ways for Navigation:


This is one of the biggest change in Android version’s update. There is a small pill-shaped icon on the bottom of the screen instead of traditional 3 navigation buttons. You have to swipe up from the bottom to see recently used apps. Full swipe will open the app drawer. To quickly swap back to the app you were last using, you have to swipe right pill-shaped home button. Pressing it once will get you to the Home page. Pressing and holding it will open Google Assistant. Old Back button is still there.


In the dashboard, you can see how many notifications you get, how much time you spend in apps and how often you check your phone. All this data is available in charts and easy to understand.

App Timers:

‘App Timers’ feature is really useful in the current scenario in the world. As many people are getting engaged with smartphones and losing their important time. This feature helps you to set limits on your app usage. After that limit app icons grey out to remind you of your Goals!!

Improvements to existing tools:

There are some refreshed old tools for you in Android Pie. Google added a zoom option in text selection mode. So you can zoom and select text more correctly and It is smarter now. For example, if you select the address you’ll see Google maps option which can direct you to that address.

After getting screenshots, there will be options to crop, edit or draw over the image. Android 9 Pie also improves on notifications. It allows users to quick reply directly from notification for selected apps. You can also attach photos and stickers in replies. Notifications slightly look different with different font and more cleaner design.

No more accidental Screen Rotations:

Currently android offers a screen orientation lock option. But in Android Pie, you can ‘pin’ a screen to specific orientation so switching between apps gets easier. You simply need to tap the icon.


Multi-Camera Support:

Nokia introduced some smartphones which have dual sight feature on the camera. Android Pie will make a similar feature on almost all Android smartphones. It means many developers can now make apps which can use to Dual-Sight camera features.

Notch Support:

Notch is trending in the market. But current versions of Android don’t offer native support. While Android Pie will support notch and makes the user experience more flawless.

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