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Teams all over the world are using to manage data, enhance communication, and speed up procedures.

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All-in-One File Sharing and Management Tool

Easy to Use

Lots of Useful Features

Real-Time Collaboration

Recycle Bin

Affordable Pricing

Collabow File Manager Review is an all-in-one tool to upload, share and manage files. It is one smart online workspace that offers productivity tools for all its users. It includes file sharing and managing data. File-based data movement is the lifeblood of most businesses and enterprises. It is an important task for so many users. By using, you can share and manage files with just one or two individuals or entire organizations fast and securely.

Collabow features a suite of multiple useful tools. You can improve your document management, as well as collaborate, organize, and streamline your processes and tasks.

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Collabow has numerous useful features. The company is adding more features with every update. We have highlighted some of the important features below.

Upload, Store, Share & Transfer Data
Upload, Store, Share & Transfer Data using

1. Upload, Store, Share & Transfer Data:

You can quickly upload and share large or small files. The software helps to manage single or bulk files easily and conveniently. You can transfer or share data with colleagues, clients, contractors, and suppliers. You can set privacy preferences for files to ensure their security. also allows you to send and receive notifications about your documents.

With Collabow, you can share uncompressed files and folders. Some tools only allow users to share groups of files as a compressed zip, but with Collabow, you can share a group of uncompressed files or even whole folders with a single URL.

Task and Process Management
Task and Process Management

2. Task and Process Management:

By using Task Manager, you can set To-Do lists, assign tasks, put the due dates and more, directly against your documents. This helps you and your team, organization to manage multiple processes and collaborate directly and effectively.

Many organizations use separate tools for task management and file sharing. Many times, they have to find ways to keep systems and collaborators up to date. combines tasks and file management into one solution.

Using Collabow, you can either make separate lists of general tasks that can be managed alone or collaboratively as a project, or you can directly connect tasks and sub-tasks to documents. For maximum visibility, each task can be shared and given to one or even more people.

Real-Time Collaboration. Chat Box on the right sidebar.

3. Real-Time Collaboration:

Collabow helps you to collaborate in multiple ways. You can leave notes, start chat, send email notifications for quick responses. You can have chats directly around a specific document. It can help you to chat about changes, feedback, or next steps with your team. This is one of the best features of Collabow.

You can create topic-based discussions, and use emojis, comments. There are user panels with Avatars.

4. Effective File Management:

You can carefully organize & manage your files, keeping everything in the same place. In file management, you can view the version history of a document, manage password locks, filter for smart search, tag, update, and edit file description, meta data. Collabow helps to simplify file management.

Users of Collabow can keep a single URL active for the lifetime of a file or document. Each file/document/version has its own distinct URL or disc location. This eliminates version history issues and the practice of examining past versions of documents by people, which frequently results in a significant waste of resources. In most of the other document hosting or management tools, each file/document/version has its own unique URL or drive location which can lead to time-consuming activities.

Effective File Management
Effective File Management

Files can be simply labeled, easily tagged, or organized into folder filters to help with navigation and make it easier for collaborators to find files.

You can immediately identify which files you accessed, previewed, or modified thanks to Collabow’s comprehensive activity log. Because it enables users to follow the breadcrumbs back to a source file, this is particularly helpful when users are working on vast repositories of files or conducting research and development.

5. Notifications and Alerts:

Collabow notifies you whenever a significant file that you follow or that needs your attention is uploaded. The Alerts module shows a list of your notifications, such as when you’ve been mentioned in a chat, assigned a task, had a file shared with you, or whenever a document you follow has received an update.

6. Recycle Bin:

Some platforms delete files shortly once they are shared. Tragically, data can be permanently lost if the files aren’t downloaded. This is not the case with Collabow Pro and Business accounts, which even offer a recycle bin so you can recover crucial files in the case of any mistake.

7. Security & Privacy:

Currently, Collabow offers safe, ISO-certified file hosting for its users. You can password-lock files with Collabow to add an extra layer of security. If you are sharing a document online but just want a certain group of people to have access to it, this function is helpful. The file can only be accessed or downloaded by persons who have the password.

Some companies have different tools for communicating and sharing files with external and internal parties. Collabow provides a single solution for it. You can use filters, a timeline feature to determine and control which files belong to which user, whether a file is publicly available on the internet or not, which files are shared with which user. User Interface
Collabow User Interface User Interface:

You don’t have to worry about how to use Collabow?! Its user interface is clean, modern and simple to use. There’s no clutter in the dashboard and everything is organized. You can see different options from the top left corner menu.

Collabow Menu
Collabow menu on left side

There are 10 different tabs: Home, Task Manager, Alerts, Favorites, File Activity, Info, Settings, Quick Share, Help, Recycle Bin. Any new user of Collabow can easily navigate through all these tabs and choose the tools they need. Let’s check out different tabs:


On the Home tab, you can see your files, folders, subfolders, tags, timeline, favorites. On the top side toolbar, you can search your files from Search Box using filters. On the right side of Search Box, you can see your account status. For example, it is showing “PRO” for our account. If you have a Business plan, it will show “Business” there.

Collabow Home Tab
Collabow Home Tab

After account status, there’s a button to check Activity. On the right side, There are options to view the files in List view or Box view. At the top right corner, it shows your account Avatar, ID, Name. By clicking on Avatar, you’ll find options to check your Profile, Configure the application, Upgrade your account, change account settings, and Logout option.

By clicking on the +New button, you can Upload files or folders, Find & Share files, Create a new document, add New Tasks, and select files.

Collabow +New Button
Collabow +New Button

You can create a new document, give a file name to it, add Tags, choose a folder and subfolder for that document. You can add a description, and create a personal or public link for that document as shown below. You can also send or share the document directly to any email or Collabow user.

Collabow Create New Document
Collabow Create New Document
Creating New Document
Creating New Document

After successfully creating a document, it can be seen in the Home tab.

Collabow Home Tab
Collabow Home Tab

You can Preview the document by clicking on it. There are multiple options available on the Preview box. You can open, share, start chat, add notes, tasks to that document. You can check file properties, meta data & stats, history of document.

The document properties show every detail about when it was created, including timing, date, by which username, location, and all other important details.

Collabow File Preview
Collabow File Preview
Collabow Tags
Collabow Tags
Collabow Task Manager
Collabow Task Manager

Task Manager

On the Task Manager tab, you can Add Task, and Project. Task Manager shows previously created tasks and projects. You can filter and sort different tasks and projects if you need.

Collabow Add New Task Adding New Task
Adding Task and Project
Adding Tasks and Projects


On the Chat tab, you can start different conversations and chat with Collabow users, your team. This is an extremely helpful feature as you can stay connected to your team all the time and keep up-to-date with your tasks by chatting. Collabow supports the use of emojis in chat. Chat


In Alerts tab, you can see all entries of activity notifications and alerts. You can see alerts about your Activity, Chat, File Added, File Shared, Task alert.


On the Favourites tab, you can see files that you Starred (added to the Favourites). You can ‘star’ files from different creators and check them later in Favourites tab. It shows files based on likes, favourites, shared counts. Activity Tab File Activity Tab

File Activity

You can check all activities related to files/documents in the File Activity tab. Activity shows when was file created, modified, opened, edited, shared, deleted, moved to recycle bin, etc. You can use different filters to check particular activity. Activity Tab Filters Activity Tab Filters


In Info tab, you can view and edit your name, avatar, profile pic, password, and different account settings.


In the Settings tab, you can modify and configure application, manage folders, choose active tags, active folders.

Collabow Settings Tab - Application configuration
Collabow Settings Tab – Application configuration

Quick Share

You can quickly share any file or folder with the recipient by using Collabow Quick Share.


From the Help tab, you can access guides, tips & tricks, support material, FAQ’s. You can also contact the Collabow team by filling out a form.

Recycle Bin

In Recycle Bin tab, you can find all deleted files/documents owned by you, shared with you, as well as public files that you deleted previously.

Collabow Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin

Pricing: is free for its users, forever! A free package is useful for entrepreneurs, students and remote users. There are 3 packages to choose from:

  1. Starter Package – £0/Month, 250 MB storage.
  2. Pro Package – £4.5/Month, 5 GB Storage.
  3. Business Package – £7.5/Month, 10 GB Storage.

You can pay Monthly or Annually for any package. The annual package will give you more discount. With the starter package, you can use Collabow’s most popular features free of cost. It includes personal cloud storage, task management, sharing and communication features. The starter package gives access to 50 Tags, 20 Folders, Basic Permissions, Chat & Commenting, Task Manager. With the Pro and Business packages, you get unlimited Tags, Folders, and many more features.

Collabow also offers 14 Days Free Trial period so you can use PRO features and decide to continue to use the platform. The platform is providing affordable and flexible online file storage.

How teams can use

How teams can use

Teams can use Collabow to manage data, enhance communication, and speed up procedures. Let’s take an example of the New Joiner and Leaver process:

An HR team creates new joiner packs containing important information, company policies, role responsibilities and access to training materials. Now,

  • HR pack securely shared with the employee using Collabow
  • Employee communicates directly with HR
  • HR assigns onboarding tasks with deadlines
  • The employee is alerted to new tasks via email
  • The employee is alerted to upcoming deadlines via email

Such tasks can be managed and done easily with the platform. You can use the platform for customer support, sales, IT, engineering, human resources, and more.

Should you buy

Yes! Collabow helps to eliminate a raft of document management problems faced by professionals around the world. It helps people simplify, monitor, and organize their information. For new users, the Starter package is a great way to get started. If you are a business person or organization, you can choose the PRO plan or a Business plan. Collabow is a digital platform for safe cloud storage, online collaboration, file transfers, idea sharing, and issue solving. smart digital workspace
How long I can use the free Starter package?

The Collabow starter package is absolutely free for a lifetime. You can use it as long as you need it.

How do I add new users to my team?

‘Starter’ and ‘Pro’ users must ‘Upgrade’ their accounts to the ‘Business’ profile before adding team members. As a ‘Business’ user, you can add new team members to your business account whenever you choose.

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