Skype added video calling support up to 50 participants!!

Skype can now handle campus student's group calling, business meetings with up to 50-person video calling feature.

Skype is Topping Rivals!

The telecommunication application Skype has launched its new video calling feature. Skype added a video calling feature in which people can now simultaneously participate in a group audio or video call. The limit of people is increased up to 50 people at once. It is doubled than the previous 25  callers at once.

By supporting up to 50 people for video calls, Skype becomes the top app in consumer video calling apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Duo, Instagram, Google Hangouts. Now Skype is actually competing with enterprise-grade calling solutions like Zoom! The business-related Zoom video calling solutions support up to 100 to 1000 participants.

Skype added video calling support up to 50 participants

This new feature of Skype also puts it ahead of Apple’s FaceTime, which now supports up to 32 people on group calls as of iOS 12.1. To accommodate more users, Skype has made a few tweaks to how calls will work.

Skype added a video calling feature with the ability that you can just ring the entire group at once. But you can not ring a group which contains more than 25 people. For a larger call, Skype added a simple notification option to replace ringing as the default. That means you get a less obstructive, quick ping-style alert to join the group call.

These features were previously in testing back in March. In April, Microsoft finished testing in the beta version and officially announced the feature. This feature will be very useful for campus students, business meetings, coworker’s group calling. You need the latest version of Skype software on your devices to use this feature.

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