Brush Faster, Smile Brighter with Y-Brush

Y-Brush Achieves Same Clean as Sonicare in Half the Time

This World Oral Health Day, Y-Brush unveils a breakthrough study proving its toothbrush delivers exceptional results in just one minute.

For many, achieving a dentist-recommended two-minute brushing routine feels like an uphill battle. Y-Brush, a revolutionary dental hygiene company, is changing the game with a new clinical study demonstrating that their Y-shaped toothbrush is twice as effective as leading electric toothbrushes.

The independent study, conducted under dental supervision, showed that Y-Brush achieved the same level of plaque removal as brushing with a Sonicare for two minutes or more – but in just half the time.

“We go beyond just technology,” says Benjamin Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Y-Brush. “Our mission is to revolutionize brushing habits and oral health prevention. This study proves our brush achieves the same results as the market leader but in half the time. For those short on time or motivation, Y-Brush is the answer. It’s a message of hope for the over 80% of people who struggle to maintain good oral hygiene.”

Benjamin Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Y-Brush
Benjamin Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Y-Brush

This latest research builds on previous studies demonstrating that Y-Brush delivers results comparable to a two to three-minute manual brushing routine. Y-Brush’s unique technology features 35,000 soft nylon bristles mounted on a flexible, Y-shaped head that vibrates at sonic speeds to clean all sides of your teeth simultaneously.

“Our technology rethinks brushing,” says Christophe Cadot, Y-Brush’s scientific manager and co-founder. “It’s faster, more efficient, and ultimately improves quality of life. This is a positive change for oral health, and we invite everyone to rediscover the pleasure of a healthy smile.”

Y-Brush Press Release, USA, March 20, 2024.

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