OnePlus Smart TV in Development, Launch expected in 2019

OnePlus Smart TV in Development, launch expected in 2019


OnePlus Smart TV in Development, Launch expected in 2019!!!

After successfully capturing smartphone market and building fan-base in 5 years, OnePlus is now entering in the Smart TV development. Pete Lau (Company’s founder and CEO) announced that he will lead both smartphone and Television divisions. OnePlus Smart TV will have seamless connectivity between your smartphone and TV. There will be also AI smarts and assistive functionality offered by devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home.

The Chinese company OnePlus has built up a loyal customer base for 5 years. It has launched a mobile series and accessories. Now the company wants to put some effort into the TV market. According to reports, Pete Lau said that he wants to bring the best of all worlds. Current TVs in the world are quite traditional in their functionality and user experience. Lau says that OnePlus is thinking big with the new Smart TV product.

Currently, OnePlus is known for its low price, high-powered smartphones which are available in the market in less than 530$. It’s current smartphone OnePlus 6 model is half the cost of an Apple iPhone X, but almost as powerful.

When will it launch?

There is no official date available. Lau hopes to launch first OnePlus smart TV in 2019. There are no hints about the features and price of TV. All we know is this OnePlus TV will be Smart and most probably will run with Android TV operating system.

Pete Lau says his vision is to build a smart TV with seamless connectivity to user’s smartphone. OnePlus is building a premium, flagship TV, and promises it’ll have specs to match. With smart AI and premium features, you can play home videos or photos on your TV without depending upon other third-party apps. There will be more features like calendar events, suggestions for departure times for your daily commute, and the ability to arrange transportation to and from a destination.

Well, there is still time for TV, OnePlus may be going to launch it’s new smartphone OnePlus 6T in next month. Last week, OnePlus also announced it’s first USB Type-C headphones which will come alongside OnePlus 6T.

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