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7.8 out of 10
7.9 out of 10
8.1 out of 10
Technical Support
7 out of 10
7.4 out of 10
8.5 out of 10


Easy to Use

Integration With 30+ Cloud Services

Seamless Sync, Transferring of Data

Two-Way File Syncing

Cloud-to-Cloud Sync

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Free Account is Great For Home Use


No Desktop/Mobile Apps

No 2F Authentication

No File Encryption Option

Need Some Improvements

Connect All Your Cloud Accounts With Multcloud!

As the name suggests, Multcloud can help you to connect all your cloud storage accounts into one interface. You can sync and transfer between more than 30 cloud storage services. It’s like an online windows explorer where you can explore and access multiple cloud storage services in one place.

Multcloud Storage Features:

Multcloud is a costless web-based multi-cloud management solution. It offers some useful features for their users. Some of the main features are:

Supports 30+ Cloud Drive

Multcloud supports more than 30 cloud drive services. These 30+ services include popular cloud drives like Onedrive, OneDrive for Business, DropBox, Dropbox for Business, GSuit, Google Drive, Google Photos, Mega, Baidu, pCloud, Box, Yandex, MediaFire, Flicker, Cubby, Evernote, AmazonS3, Hubic, OwnCloud, MySQL, Egnyte, Putio, ADrive, Hidrive, SugarSync, BackBlaze, Webde, Alfresco, CloudMe, MyDrive, WebDAV, FTP.


Cloud Transfers & Sync

With cloud transfers, you can copy and transfer files between cloud storage. You can use the Cloud Sync feature to sync your files with multiple cloud services. There is also a schedule sync option if you need it.

You can use the Multcloud service through any browser. Currently, there is no Multcloud app for desktop or smartphone. Using Multcloud through a browser is easy. You can sign in from the official Multcloud site.

Offline Data Transfer:

While sync and transferring data, you can sign-out or close the browser. Multcloud does all the operations in the cloud and your browser, Windows PC, or Mac don’t need to be signed-in or open all the time.

There are main two types of sync options available: one-way synchronizing and two-way synchronizing. You can choose between several different types of one-way synchronizing:

  • Simple Sync: added, edited, and deleted files in the source will be replicated in the destination.
  • Mirror Sync: files in source and destination are always identical; extra files in the destination will be deleted.
  • Cumulative Sync: deleted files in the source will not be deleted in the destination.
  • Update Sync: files in the destination will be deleted, then added/edited files in the source will be copied to the destination.
  • Incremental Backup: on each sync, a subdirectory will be created in the destination where added/edited files from the source will be copied.
  • Full Backup: on each sync, a subdirectory will be created in the destination where all files from the source will be copied.

Multcloud Google Chrome Extension

You can use Multcloud Google Chrome extension to keep track of files, transfer status, and control the processes.

Multcloud Web Interface:

Multcloud has a simple but good and speedy web-interface which gives a great user experience. As a user, you can easily find all features, options, and use it without any problems. You can see data, remaining storage in the panel.

Add Cloud Drive to Multcloud Service

You can connect your cloud storage accounts to Multcloud by clicking on “Add Cloud Drives”. This will show you all the available cloud services you can use with Multcloud.

Now click on the service you want and login into it. After granting permission to Multcloud, you will get access to folders and files in it. Then you can upload, move, copy, sync the files you want. With the “Upload” button, you can directly upload the data to that particular cloud drive.

Cloud Explorer lets you create, delete, download, copy, share, or move files and folders. There is also a search feature to find the files.

Is Multcloud Safe and Secure?

Multcloud is a completely safe service to use. Your security actually depends on the cloud accounts you connect to the Multcloud.

Multcloud does not save, cache any files on AOMEI sever. It also uses 256-bit AES encryption while transferring and synchronizing the data through 2 different cloud storage providers.

It uses the OAuth authorization method to prove your identity, which means it does not store your passwords. But still, Multcloud should add 2-Factor Authentication as an extra layer of security for your account.

Multcloud Pricing:

Multcloud is currently free! Yes, you can use Multcloud for free if you are paying other cloud providers for the actual space. With a free plan, you can use 5GB of data per month to transfer and sync files.

The free plan includes 5GB data per month, 2 synchronization modes, general servers, technical support, Cloud-to-Cloud File Transfer/Sync, File Explorer for Multi-clouds.

Multcloud Pricing

If you need more than 30GB of data then you’ll need to purchase premium plans. Multcloud offers affordable plans for its users. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans.

With a monthly plan of $9.90 (about £7.50), you get 150GB of data per month. With quarterly $24.90 plans, you get 200GB of data per month. With a $119.90 plan, you get unlimited data traffic.

All paid plans give you 8 synchronization modes, VIP servers, the priority level for technical support, Scheduled Transfer/Sync, Quintupled Transfer Speed, Doubled-Syncing, File Transfer/Sync Filter, Upload Encryption.

Should I use Multcloud?

Currently, Multcloud is one of the best cloud transfer services in the market. It is free to use, offers 30+ cloud storage integrations, gives 256-bit AES encryption, technical support.

Multcloud is safe to use. Managing your multiple cloud storage separately is a difficult task. Multcloud makes it easy, faster and gives you control over multiple cloud services at one web interface.

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