Get 1TB Of Lifetime Cloud Backup In Just $40!

PolarBackup giving a 90%+ discount on its AWS cloud storage solutions.

In the world of changing technology, it is important to save or backup your data in a secure place. Whether it’s photos, videos, or important documents, you can save it to external storage like SSD, HDD, or Cloud Storage.

PolarBackup is giving amazing offers on its cloud backup solutions. It is providing innovative cloud technology to its users. Now you can get a lifetime of 1TB of cloud backup from PolarBackup just in $39.99. With this lifetime subscription, you get so many features and benefits.

PolarBackup Cloud Storage is a backup solution. It gives you 256-bit encryption, secure storage for your data. Polarbackup Cloud storage utilizes the famous AWS technology to provide the highest quality reliable and consistent Cloud storage for its users.

The technology uses cold storage which gives slower retrieval time but at the same time, this allows us to have lots of space at an affordable cost. It is the most affordable option for people who have tons of HD images/videos like media professionals.

You can choose Lifetime or Annual Plan while purchasing. The price is incredibly inexpensive compared to other services. This makes it one of the great backup solution for users who need multiple backup solutions.

You can schedule the backups, change the settings of backup time. For example, You can set the schedule backup process at night if you use the network less at the night.

PolarBackup software is compatible with Windows PC and Mac. With a fraction of the cost of external hard drives like SSD, HDD, Polarbackup is offering the same amount of space. There is also the possibility of HDD, SSD failures, damage, or getting lost whereas cloud storage has nothing to worry about.

You can also configure your plans anytime if you need extra space. Add ons like these start at $0.99/month only! You can get 1TB of additional cold storage in just $2.25/month price. You can get “Hot Storage” for immediate retrieval at just $1.67/month for 100GB or $6.83/month for 1TB.

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