GoPro Hero 7 Black Review: Ultimate Action Camera Gets Even Better

Features Great Video Stabilization and live streaming to share!!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

7.8 out of 10
GoPro Hero 7 Black Review Ultimate Action Camera Gets Even Better
8.3 out of 10
8 out of 10
Image Quality
8 out of 10
7 out of 10


Great 4K Images & Video Quality

HyperSmooth, TimeWarp, SuperPhoto Features

Superb Video Stabilization

Waterproof without needing any case

Huge Range of Mounts and Accessories


Occasionally Sluggish or Unresponsive UI

Minor Hardware Improvements for Upgraders

GoPro Hero 7: Convenience and Quality Combined!

GoPro has released its new flagship star Hero 7 Black action camera. The all-new GoPro Hero 7 Black is not a big upgrade from Hero 6, but it is a great action camera that gets now even better than the previous ones. The Hero 7 Black is small enough to fit in a pocket, a waterproof 4K camera with amazing electronic image stabilization, and a huge range of mounting accessories.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Features:

Hero 7 Black has a 12MP camera, wide-angle lens, 4K recording at 60fps, and Full HD to a maximum 240fps for 8x slowed-down video. These specs are similar to Hero 6 Black, so for those who want to upgrade from Hero 6 might get disappointed. But there are some additions in Hero 7 Black which makes it an almost perfect action camera.

GoPro Hero 7 Black waterproof

GoPro has added some important features to Hero 7 Black. They have added impressive features like video stabilization, live streaming, and sharing. Let’s check it out:


Hypersmooth is an image stabilization feature that eliminates the use of gimbal. It is a combination of hardware and software. It gives smooth 4K 60fps video footage in your adventurous journey. You don’t have to worry about shakes and blurred frames anymore. Also, the video stabilization system doesn’t affect the battery life.

Hypersmooth can be used with 4k 60fps video recording. You can not use it with Full HD recording at 240fps and 120fps footage.


TimeWarp is another brilliant feature in GoPro Hero 7 Black. Now you can record a stabilized hyper-lapse!! With TimeWarp, you can record a time-lapse video while moving. It is like time-lapse footage without a tripod.

Voice Control

GoPro Hero 7 Black can be controlled by voice. You can give a total of 12 commands to it. These simple voice commands let you start recording video, capture a single photo, begin a time-lapse, and more by speaking to your HERO7 Black.

Here is the list of voice commands for the GoPro Hero series:

  • GoPro Start Recording
  • GoPro HiLight
  • GoPro Stop Recording
  • GoPro Take a Photo
  • GoPro Shoot Burst
  • GoPro Start Time Lapse
  • GoPro Stop Time Lapse
  • GoPro Video Mode
  • GoPro Photo Mode
  • GoPro Time Lapse Mode
  • GoPro Burst Mode
  • GoPro Turn Off
  • GoPro Turn On (only with HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, & Remo + HERO5 Black)
  • That Was Sick!
  • GoPro Capture
  • GoPro Stop Capture.


SuperPhoto is like a scene-intelligent auto option that detects scenes and applies HDR mode, deploys multi-frame noise reduction for low-light scenes, etc. It is a helpful feature that automates so many options for you.


For photography experts, you can use this option to change exposure compensation, white balance, ISO range, sharpness, etc. You can also shoot Burst of images at 30fps, raw images in addition to JPEGs.

Live Streaming

GoPro Hero 7 Black has a live streaming feature to share your videos live on Facebook, YouTube. It will be more beneficial for YouTubers and other content creators.

Live Streaming GoPro Hero 7 Black

Design, Display, and Controls:

Build quality of Hero 7 black is solid. The largely rubbered body is smooth from both the front and backside. GoPro has changed the color this time, from the traditional grey to black for this flagship model.

There are two compartments for battery/card and USB/HDMI. GoPro Hero 7 Black is waterproof and can travel 10m/33ft safely underwater. For waterproofing, these compartments are tightly closed. New users are likely to be cautious and find some of this complicated to open. As everything is necessarily tight so that it all stays in place when you’re using it in the kinds of expected conditions, but you soon become used to how rough you need to be with it.

Compartments for battery card
Compartments for USB HDMI

When you turn on the screen, you can notice GoPro has refreshed UI in the Hero 7 black. There is information on the screen like frame rates, the battery life in green icons, storage capacity, etc. Now you can also use the UI in horizontal or portrait orientation as per your need.

The 2-inch dimensions touchscreen on the Hero 7 Black is responsive. You can easily touch the options. But occasionally it fails to respond to touch. It has upgraded 2GB(SD)RAM.

GoPro Hero 7 Black TouchScreen

Audio performance in Hero 7 black is improved. Now it records more natural bass tones, mids, fewer vibrations. It all gives more subtle sounds than before.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Performance:

GoPro Hero 7 Black has a 12MP camera. It gives quality image output with JPG, RAW or JPEG format. In good light, you can get crisp, sharp detailed images. It has also a wide-angle lens to cover more images of an object. You can use the touch zoom for a narrower view, but this digital zoom decreases the quality of images.

Hero 7 Black comes with an impressive HyperSmooth video stabilization system. The Hero 7 Black’s electronic video stabilization works by using the predictive smarts of the GoPro’s GP1 processor. It is very useful for people who want to record while walking, outdoor activities, bike riding, skateboarding or other sports activities. You can record anything without worrying. There is no need for any gimbal. The video stabilization makes all videos smooth and steady.

A fancy TimeWarp feature allows a stabilized hyper-lapse video. You can mount your Hero 7 Black on a bike or car and use it to record amazing hyper-laps videos. You can set time, photo interval, speed up to a maximum of 30x before starting the video, and capture Full HD footage at up to 240fps, which can be slowed by a factor of 8x to 30fps.

Editing and Apps:

Hero 7 black can be used with iOS and Android GoPro and Quik apps. From these apps, you can auto-upload images to your device, share it directly on Instagram stories, Facebook, YouTube. GoPro Plus subscription gives 250GB cloud storage for members to store their images and videos. With apps, you can sync it. Also, you can pimp your captures with music, effects, and GPS stickers.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Battery Life

Battery Life:

Because of the size of the camera, Hero 7 Black has a small battery. It gives around 1hr 45 minutes of continuous video shooting at 1080p/30fps. For 4K/60fps, it lasts up to 45 minutes. Of course, you can keep a portable battery pack with you to change batteries and enjoy unlimited shooting.

Should you buy GoPro Hero 7 Black?

YES!! Waterproof GoPro Hero 7 Black offers superb image quality, impressive video stabilization. HyperSmooth, TimeWarp are really useful features. It is certainly the best action camera you can buy right now. Also, Live streaming makes the new GoPro a winner for those who love to share.

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