CBackup Review: Secure and Free Online Cloud Backup Service

CBackup is a powerful and free cloud backup service.


8.2 out of 10
CBackup Review Secure and Free Online Cloud Backup Service
7.9 out of 10
Ease of Use
8.2 out of 10
Platform Compatibility & Installation
7.7 out of 10
Speed and Performance
8 out of 10
9.1 out of 10


Easy To Use

Free Forever

Safe & Secure Transfer

File Filter Options

Revision Management

Affordable Premium Plans


Not Available For Mobiles

Nowadays, it is important to keep a backup of your data for so many reasons. Many users faces data loss due to computer crashes. CBackup is the latest and secure cloud backup service for users which helps to backup your data. The cherry on top, it offers free online cloud backup forever!

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CBackup software provides professional cloud data protection for users. It offers so many useful features. It includes PC to Cloud Backup, Cloud to Cloud Backup.


You can easily backup your files, images, videos, slides, documents on different cloud storage. It also provides an incremental flexible backup plan. Let’s see all their CBackup features in detail below.

CBackup Features:

1. Free online cloud backup forever!

It sounds unbelievable, but CBackup gives you the opportunity to use their cloud backup service for free, forever!

Most of the free cloud backup tools provide a limited time period of free service. But CBackup actually gives you unlimited free cloud backup service.

You can backup all your important files, images, videos without spending any money with CBackup tool. Also, you can combine different free cloud storage to save backups without any cost.

2. Combining different cloud storage

With the help of CBackup, you can combine all cloud storage in one place. It is a cloud storage connector. You can combine multiple free cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and FTP/SFTP servers.

Also, you can combine multiple accounts in one space, for example, you can add 5 Google Drive in CBackup and manage everything from CBackup Dashboard.

Add Cloud Drive in CBackup

3. Data Security, Reliability

You can secure your data with File Backup and File Sync. Auto file backup and File Sync prevents data loss in case your computer crashes. You can restore all your files, folders, data from the cloud to your computer.

CBackup uses 256-bit AES Encryption technique while transferring data which ensures data security.

You can schedule sync, auto upload/download, delete data by setting certain times to cloud storage. CBackup provides 100% security while these tasks.

4. File Synchronization

You can automatically backup files, data from unlimited computers to a secure cloud. CBackup synchronization automatically backups, uploads, downloads your data to multiple cloud storage as per requirements.

You can also create a backup by transferring and sync files from one cloud drive to another. It is an easier, faster way to sync and secure all your data in cloud storage.

5. GDPR Compliance:

CBackup service uses appropriate security and technical measures according to GDPR compliance to protect the privacy of user’s personal data.

How to use CBackup?

You can use CBackup the web app through the browser. You can also download CBackup software from their official site. The download size of the software is 11.9MB only.

After installing, you can create/log in to your account. It has a simple, easy-to-use user interface. After login, you can access CBackup Dashboard.

CBackup Version Files

There are 3 menus on the left side: Backup Tasks, Sync Tasks, My Storage.

Backup Tasks:

There’s a ‘New Task‘ button to add backup tasks. You can choose source and destination for these tasks. There are options to add different cloud drives as a source to backup your files from Cloud to Cloud.

You can choose Combine Cloud or Single Cloud as a backup destination. On the bottom-left corner, there’s a Settings option where you can schedule tasks, set email notifications, clear file versions, and filter files by their types.

CBackup Settings Version Cleanup

You can schedule tasks for a particular time and day, get specific backups to run daily, weekly or monthly.

You can restore versions as well as maintain the version history of all files in the Backup Tasks menu.

Sync Tasks:

In this tab, you can choose options to sync the data from one cloud to another. Synchronization does not change the file format or directory structure.

My Storage:

In this menu, you can manage all your cloud drives. There are options to add Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP.


Cbackup is currently only available for PC Users. We tested CBackup on Windows 10 laptop with i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD. It works seamlessly without any performance issues.


1. Free Forever:

You can use CBackup free forever. It includes 2,000 GB data transfer to Public Cloud per month, 10 GB data Backup to CBackup Cloud.

The free plan includes normal backup speed, business hour support, unlimited number of cloud account.

2. Basic Plan:

CBackup basic plan has $2.99/month or $29.95/year pricing. It includes 10,000 GB data backup to Public Cloud per month, 1000 GB data backup to CBackup Cloud.

The basic plan gives you fast backup speed, 24x7x365 priority support. You can connect unlimited cloud accounts to CBackup.

3. Premium Plan:

CBackup Premium plan comes with $9.99/month or $99.95/year pricing. It includes unlimited data to Public Cloud per month and 10,000 GB of data to CBackup Cloud.

CBackup Support:

You can get help from CBackup technical team during 24/7 via email. There are also quick start guides available for beginners.


If you are looking for a secure, fast, and free Cloud Backup service, then you should try CBackup. It is super-easy to use, free, also comes with affordable premium plans, unlimited storage, it offers lots of features.

The free plan is perfect for beginners. This software completes all its tasks in a simple way.

Here are common questions you may have:

Is CBackup secure & safe?

CBackup is secure and safe to use. You can backup and restore data from PC to Cloud without losing any file formats. CBackup is easy to use and it’s a free backup solution.

How do I install CBackup?

Download CBackup software on your computer or use CBackup web app in your browser. Check out our guide above in this article. After sign-in, you can use CBackup for required tasks like backup, restore files, and sync data.

What kinds of users and organization types does CBackup work with?

Small Business, Mid Size Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.

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