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AOMEI Backupper Professional

8.3 out of 10
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8 out of 10
Speed & Performance
8.1 out of 10
User Interface
8.7 out of 10


Offers So Many Features For Backup & Restore

Simple And Easy To Use Interface

Lifetime Free Updates

Schedule Backups, Email/SMS Notifications

Encryption For Files, Images, Backup Data


Only For Windows Operating System

Computers have become part of our lives. We use it at home, work to store important documents, files, pictures. In this technology world, computer data can get corrupt, hacked or sometimes system failures occur in devices. This can be a headache as we lost our important data. Therefore it is important to backup your data. For this, you need software to backup and restore your important data.

AOMEI Backupper is an all-in-one software solution to backup, clone, and sync your data in real-time. The software is used by 20+ million users across the world. It is a good backup software for anyone in need of it.

AOMEI Technology Ltd is a Chinese software company founded in 2009. It is based in HongKong. The company provides data backup solutions, disk partition, multi-cloud file management. It also offers data insurance, neutralizing the risks of data loss through backup and restoration.

AOMEI provides so many software with the free version for personal use. AIMEI Backupper also comes with a free version. We have reviewed all features available in the AOMEI Backupper Free VS AOMEI Backupper Professional version.

Let’s check out the features, system requirements, price, how to use AOMEI Backupper? We have also added a small guide, tutorial, and tips for AOMEI Backupper.

There are a total 6 versions/editions of AOMEI Backupper software. AB Standard, AB Professional, AB Workstation, AB Server, AB Technician, AB Technician Plus.

If you are going to use it for personal or home use then a free or Professional version is sufficient for you. You can simply backup and restore your important files, documents, photos, system drives, hard disk drives, partitions, software and applications with it.

AOMEI Backupper Standard Version

The Standard [FREE] version comes with all basic backup features. It includes the following features:

  1. Hot Backup/Clone: A technology that allows performing backup/clone activities without having to close other applications or rebooting the computer.
  2. Backup & Restore for the whole system and/or specific disks, partitions, files, and folders.
  3. File/Folder Sync across devices.
  4. Automatic and Scheduled backups, full backups, sector-by-sector backup.
  5. Incremental and Differential Backup, intelligent backup.
  6. Many Backup Targets: Local disk, External drive, USB Flash Drive, Network/NAS, Cloud Drive.
  7. Backup Image operations: Explore, Compress, Check, Comment backup image.
  8. Clone Capabilities: Disk clone, Partition clone (no whole system clone – Available in Professional version).
  9. Create Windows PE and Linux Bootable Media.
  10. E-Mail/SMS notifications: You can enable email or SMS notifications to get updates about your backups, backup schedules, successful backups, errors, and other operations.

As Standard version is a Freeware, which means you can download and install it on any device. [DOWNLOAD AOMEI BACKUPPER STANDARD VERSION FREE]

AOMEI Backupper Professional Version

AOMEI Backupper Professional version gets all standard version features + some more powerful features. Let’s see the detailed review of the Pro version of AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI Backuper Supported Operating System and Compatibility:

AOMEI Backupper works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Small Business Server 2011, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016. It supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ReFS, EXT2/ExFAT formats.

The software is also compatible with SATA, SSD, IDE, SCSI, MBR/GPT disk, USB disks, hardware RAID, Network Attached Storages, UEFI boot mode, virtual machines.

How to download and install the AOMEI Backupper Professional version?

You can download it from AOMEI’s official website here. Then install it on your PC. It takes less than a minute for a complete installation. The size of the software becomes 274MB after installation.

Installing AOMEI Backupper Professional

You can also join the UX improvement program of this software by checking the option after installation. To finish and open the software, click on ‘Enjoy Now’. You can use your license key and register the product after opening the software.

User Interface:

AOMEI Professional Backuper has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily find different menus and options you want. There are 4 main options on the left side. It includes Home, Backup, Restore, Clone.

AOMEI Backupper Professional User Interface
AOMEI Backupper Professional Settings, Help, Guide, Updates
AOMEI Backupper Settings
AOMEI Backupper Professional User Interface
AOMEI Backupper Professional Settings, Help, Guide, Updates
AOMEI Backupper Settings
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On the top right corner, you’ll find Settings, Check Updates, Manual, Help, and About options.

In settings, you can enable notifications via email or SMS. Also, you can change settings related to compression, splitting, backup mode, etc.

On the Home tab, you’ll also find the Tools menu. There are total 8 Tools:

  1. Create Bootable Media
  2. Explore Image
  3. Import/Export Backup
  4. Check Image
  5. View Logs
  6. AOMEI PXE Boot Tool
  7. AOMEI Centralized Backupper
  8. AOMEI Image Deploy.
AOMEI Backupper Professional Tools

AOMEI Backupper Professional Version Features:

AOMEI Backpper professional version has all free version features. In addition to that, it offers some more features as below:

  1. Files and Folders Backup: You can easily backup your personal files, work files, documents. There are options to backup the whole folder or selected files only. You can also exclude or include specified files, folders.
  2. System Backup: You can easily backup all system files on the drive. It includes the Windows operating system, applications, registry, drivers, configuration, settings files, boot files, and system files.
  3. Disk Backup: You can backup all your files on the disk into an image file.
  4. Merge Backup Images: You can combine full backup and its chained incremental backups into a single backup for better management.
  5. Partition Backup: You can backup specific partition instead of an entire disk into an image file including dynamic disk volumes.
  6. File Sync: You can sync your files to other locations daily, weekly, monthly or in real-time with this feature.
  7. Scheduled Backup: You can schedule your backup process. There are four modes you can choose from – Daily Mode, Weekly Mode, Monthly Mode, and Event Triggers. The software will backup your files as scheduled settings.
  8. Event-Trigger Scheduled Backups: This performs automatic backup operations depends upon events happened like system startup, system shutdown, user logon, user logoff, etc.
  9. Backup Encryption: You can create Password Encryption for your backup image to prevent unauthorized access to your backups.
  10. Backup Scheme: You can set automatic tasks in settings to delete the old backups which will save your disk space.
  11. Backup to NAS (Network Attached Storage): You can easily backup to your network-attached storage device or even its IP address.
  12. Incremental & Differential Backups: You can backup only changed data instead of creating a full backup to save time.
  13. Cloud Drive Backups: You can backup and sync to your cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Cloudme, Box, hubiC by setting-up destination path.
  14. Compression and Splitting Backup Images: You can set the compression level of your backup with this software. Also, you can split the image files into smaller files easily.
  15. System Clone: You can migrate the OS system from HDD to HDD, SSD to SSD, HHD to SSD, SSD to HDD without reinstalling the Windows system. The system will remain bootable after migration. System clone supports MBR/GPT disks, UEFI boot mode,m/SATA/M.2/PCI-E SSDs, etc.
  16. Backup to CD/DVD: You can backup to a CD or DVD. The software supports CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R.
  17. Use with Command Line/Powershell Run: For tech-savvy people, AOMEI Backupper supports to do operations through command lines or through Powershell. This allows user full control over their data.
  18. Universal Restore: You can restore a backup to dissimilar hardware or move OS from physical to virtual machine (P2V) by backup and restoration.

Now we will see How to use AOMEI Backupper to create a backup, restore, and clone step by step.

How to Create a Backup with AOMEI Backupper Professional?

  1. Download and Install AOMEI Backupper.
  2. Launch the Software.
  3. From the left side menu, choose ‘Backup’.
  4. Now choose the backup type you want. There are 5 options to choose – System Backup, File Backup, Disk Backup, File Sync, Partition Backup.
  5. For example: Choose ‘System Backup’
AOMEI Backupper Professional Version Review
  1. Give a name to the backup file. As it is a system backup, the software will choose boot drive by default.
  2. Now choose the destination where you want to store your backup.
  3. Click ‘Start Backup’.

How to Restore files/image files, backup with AOMEI Backupper Professional?

  1. Download and Install AOMEI Backupper.
  2. Launch the Software.
  3. From the left side menu, choose ‘Home’ menu or ‘Restore’ menu.
  4. Here you will find all image file backups you have created.
  5. Click on the image file and select the Restore type you need.
  6. Check the system recovery box below.
  7. You can browse the image file path by clicking on ‘Path’ button.
  8. Choose ‘Backup’ version and click ‘Next’.
  9. Confirm and click ‘Start Restore’. The restoring process will start.
  10. After a complete restoration, a prompt window will appear to restart the computer.
  11. You can click ‘Finish’ to complete/restart the computer.

By these steps, you have successfully restored a backup.

How to Clone with AOMEI Backupper Professional?

  1. Download and Install AOMEI Backupper.
  2. Launch the Software.
  3. From the left side menu, choose the ‘Clone’ option.
  4. You’ll find 3 options here – System Clone, Disk Clone, Partition Clone.
  5. For example, Choose ‘System Clone’. The software will select the system partition.
  6. Now choose the destination you want to ‘clone’ the files and click ‘Next’. Remember to select the storage with enough memory/space to clone the selected partition successfully.
  7. Now click on ‘Start Clone’ and operation will start.
  8. After complete, click ‘Finish’.

Performance and Operations:

We tested this software on Windows 10 operating system laptop with an i7 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD storage, 2GB External hard-disk drive.

AOMEI Professional Backupper software performed very well in our tests. We took some backups from our system to check how it operates. All backups were tested with a 2 TB external hard disk drive. We tested system backup, file backup, file sync, partition backup of D: location [200 GB]. The file sync feature works really well. It syncs all files in real-time.

During all operations, we were observing CPU usage and RAM usage in the task manager. The software does not use CPU and RAM at a high level. So it will not cause any problem with any system. You can also set the software to work in the background.


AOMEI Backupper professional version is available for $49.95. It is really affordable compared to the other backup software in the market. You also get lifetime free upgrades after a one-time purchase.

You can also choose the Current Professional version of AOMEI Backupper at a $39.95 price. But it does not include lifetime upgrades. So it is good to choose a professional version with a $49.95 price. You can try a professional version for 30 days and purchase it anytime you want.

You get 90 days money-back guaranty, 256-bit SSL secure order, 24/7 technical support.

The AOMEI Backupper Technician Edition is available for $399 price.

Should you buy the AOMEI Backupper Professional version?

YES! AOMEI Professional Version Backupper is a great software to use for backups, file sync across devices, automatic backups. The user interface is clean and easy to use. It uses less CPU, RAM resources, and runs on most of the Windows system.

For $49.95 price, you get lifetime free upgrades of software and all-important backup features. Overall, AOMEI Professional version Backupper is a powerful and trustworthy backup software in the market.

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