TrackingFox: A Perfect OBDII GPS Tracker For Cars

TrackingFox is a real-time GPS tracker for cars to use for personal or business goals. You can use this OBDII GPS tracker with any car and track the car’s live location online.

A real-time GPS tracker in the cars can give you so many benefits. Most important is the security benefits you get from GPS trackers. You can get peace of mind and feel safe about your car 24/7 with TrackingFox.

TrackingFox Installation:

The TrackingFox OBDII GPS tracker is small in size, weighs only 33g. It is also easy to install. You can install it in the car in less than 1 minute. You just have to plug the TrackingFox GPS tracker under the steering wheel into the OBD socket. After plugging, you can instantly view your car’s location online on your smartphone.

You can switch tracker between cars. It also works in the -20C to 70C temperature range.

TrackingFox Real-time GPS Tracker

TrackingFox GPS Tracker Features:

Even if TrackingFox GPS Tracker is small in size, it comes with some powerful features. Some of the important features are as below:

Real-Time Tracking:

With TrackingFox, You can track your car and its live location in real-time. You can also preview the driving history.

Places Alerts:

You can mark important places like home, office, school, market on the map. When your car exits from the location, you will get notification alerts.

Anti-Theft Alerts:

You will get instant alerts if the car’s engine starts, any suspicious car movement, or a GPS device is disconnected from the car.

Built-in Battery:

In case if tracker gets disconnected, there is a built-in battery that enables the tracker. It works for some period of time after it gets disconnected. You will also get an alert when the device is disconnected, as well as its exact location.

Driving Behavior Analysis:

You can set speed limit alerts, and get notified when the maximum speed is exceeded by the driver. You can check any distance traveled by car, the average speed, and many more.


TrackingFox is currently available only for €49.50. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You get free service for the first month. Each monthly plan includes a SIM card with a cellular data service, a mobile app, and worldwide support for GPS tracker.

TrackingFox is great for your car security. It is one of the best GPS Tracker in the current market.

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