Cruise Is Ready To Transport Passengers With Self-Drive Cars in California

Cruise company builds autonomous vehicles.

Recently, Cruise company got a permit for self-driving car transportation in California. That means, now Cruise can use their self-driving cars to transport passengers in California. Cruise self-drive cars include Chevrolet Bolt which is undergoing testing in San Francisco. The vehicle is equipped with numerous Velodyne LiDAR sensors.

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, the Cruise company builds advanced self-driving vehicles. The goal of the Cruise company is to use these autonomous vehicles to safely transport passengers from one place to another.

The permit for self-driving transportation is part of the state’s Autonomous Vehicle Passenger Service Pilot and is granted by the California Public Utilities Commission.

According to the program, it is necessary for Cruise company to provide data, reports, and other updates to the California Public Utilities Commission. It includes the number of passengers, miles traveled, any incidents, safety protocols, etc.

The company must have a safety driver behind the wheels in case of an emergency. The driver should not charge passengers for the ride.

After Waymo, AutoX, Zoox, Pony.AI, and Aurora, Cruise is one of the 6 autonomous vehicle companies to participate in this program.

According to reports, there are 710,000+ electric cars are sold in California. More than 30% of cars are Tesla models. Every year has seen exponential growth in electric car sales. Plug-in electric cars still represent just under 3% compared with other fuel cars in the US market.

Some interesting facts about Cruise Self-Drive Cars

Cruise Self-Drive Cars produce zero-emission as they are electric cars (ZEV). Therefore it definitely helps improve air quality in urban areas. As you use transports like Cruise Self-Drive Cars, you help to reduce traffic, emission in cities.

Cruise Self-Drive Cars are covered with so many sensors. These sensors provide information about the surrounding. Vehicles have the latest machine learning technology and cloud-based data, which helps to understand what is happening in surrounding and can also predict what can happen in the future. This is so much helpful for a safe drive.

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