USB4 Specification Announced: Adopting Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 Protocol for 40 Gbps USB

USB4 will support Thunderbolt and double the speed of USB 3.2

With USB 4, Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 and USB will converge

The previous week there was news about 20Gbps USB 3.2 connectivity that may show up on new devices. But today at the Taipei event, Intel surprised everyone with its new USB4. USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) announced the upcoming release of USB4.0 specifications. The new USB4.0 will support 40GBPS data transferring, power delivery, display interfaces.

The USB-IF is using Thunderbolt 3 as the foundation for USB 4. It will also make Thunderbolt devices cheaper in the near future. In 2011, Intel and Apple developed the Thunderbolt interface.

As per reports, USB 4.0 will support charging speeds of 100W of power, transfer speeds of 40 Gbps and enough video bandwidth for two 4K displays or one 5K display. USB 4.0 will use USB Type-C connectors and will maintain backward compatibility with USB 2.x, USB 3.x, USB 1.x, and Thunderbolt 3 interface devices.

General Manager of Client Connectivity Division at Intel, Jason Ziller said that it is a significant milestone to release USB4.0 which is the simplest and most versatile port available today. “The primary goal of USB is to deliver the best user experience combining data, display and power delivery over a user-friendly and robust cable and connector solution,” said Brad Saunders, USB Promoter Group Chairman.

Intel won’t drop the Thunderbolt name altogether. Thunderbolt devices are certified by Intel, while you don’t need any certification to release a USB device. USB 4 sounds like a great way to start from a clean slate. One port and one cable type to rule them all. But let’s hope manufacturers follow the official specifications and don’t try to cut corners.

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