Ressence’s Type 2 Smartwatch with $48,000 Price Tag gets April Release Date

Features Solar-powered e-Crown which can be used to set two time zones, You can swap between them on the fly

Ressence Type 2 Smartwatch cost $48,000 when it launches in spring

Ressence is a unique Horological Company combining Industrial Design with Innovative Fine-Watchmaking. Ressence’s Type 2 smartwatch will be available early in April 2019. Maybe, $48,800 is an eye-watering price but those who are familiar with Ressence know that it is somewhat typical for the brand. Ressence’s watches are unique and never costs lower than 5-figures.

The new smart version of Ressence’s Type 2 is the first mechanical watch with a built-in smart crown. Driven by user experience, Type 2 combines the reliability of electronics with the emotion and beauty of mechanical engineering. Ressence’s status as a luxury watch manufacturer justified the cost of the Type 2 Smartwatch with help of its features. There are some interesting technologies in the watch but it’s up to you to decide whether the $48,000 watch is worth buying.

The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown is made of anthracite PVD titanium and comes in a curved 45mm case that’s 12mm thick. It has 45 jewels and 37 gears. The readability on Ressence Type 2 Smartwatch is as simple and efficient during the day as during the night. It comes with extra strong blue Superluminova for night readability. You get a choice of fabric or leather for the strap (22/20mm) and you can choose between black or gray for the dials.

Ressence’s Type 2 Smartwatch has 36-hours of battery life. There is a set of photovoltaic solar cells that automatically recharges the watch when the battery runs low. When they’re not in use, these solar cells are hidden behind a set of micro-shutters.

You can set up to 2 time zones in the watch. You can set it via a physical lever on the back of the watch or by a companion app that connects over Bluetooth. Later, you can switch between time zones by tapping switch once on the “e-Crown”.

The Ressence Type 2 Smartwatch can also self-adjust its time to the minute. It shows a more accurate time while you wearing it. The accuracy is more than any other mechanical watch. It stops ticking if you are not wearing it. After 12 hours of not wearing the Ressence Type 2 Smartwatch, it stops to save battery life. The company says that even after leaving it for 3 months, you can immediately start the watch up again by putting it on and tapping the e-Crown crystal.

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