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Niantic finalizes its series C at $245M with nearly $4B Valuation

It's about to launch Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Since December, Niantic company was raising tons of money for its series C. Today the company officially announced the round, disclosing the final amount $245 million. Niantic is the creators of Pokémon GO augmented reality mobile game. They are soon to be released Harry Potter Wizards Unite in 2019.

The round was led by IVP, and backed by Battery Ventures, aXiomatic Gaming, CRV, Causeway Media Partners, and Samsung Ventures. They also confirmed that the Niantic’s current valuation is “nearly” $4 billion. This raise comes just as Niantic is plotting out its next steps post overwhelming Pokémon success.

The company is launching its another augmented reality game. This game is based on a massively nostalgic Harry Potter film series. Harry Potter Wizards Unite game, all while working on slowly opening up its armory of AR frameworks (and its massive database of locational points of interest) for third-party developers to build upon.

The gaming startup Niantic company, which has invested significantly in augmented reality technologies, is also behind titles such as its recently updated Ingress title. The Niantic company was founded as a startup within Google in 2010 and was spun out as its own entity in 2015, releasing its hit title Pokémon GO the next year.

The company is currently working on its next big augmented reality mobile title, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, aiming to create a proper follow-up hit that can capture the excitement of its Pokémon title. The app’s success will likely be crucial to perceptions that Pokémon GO was more than a fluke breakout success. A release date is set to be in November 2019 for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Check Out Harry potter Wizards Unite Teaser which gives some hints:

This teaser for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite doesn’t show any actual gameplay, but it does hint at what players will be doing while playing game. In the brief, live-action trailer, a witch tracks down a rogue Golden Snitch, the flying ball used in games of Quidditch, and summons a poster warning other witches and wizards that magical things are crossing over into the ‘Muggle world’ — an event apparently known as the Calamity.

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