New NAWA RACER Hybrid Electric Motorbike With Sleek Design

NAWA Technologies will debute this E-Bike at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

New Hybrid Electric Café NAWA Racer Bike

NAWA Technologies company has unveiled its upcoming stylish and wild electric motorbike. This new E-Bike has a hybrid ultracapacitor engine system to boost power and range extremely compared to other e-bikes.

NAWA Racer Electric MotorBike Concept

NAWA Racer electric motorbike has ultra-capacitors. It harvests much more energy than regular lithium-ion batteries. Above the 9 kWh battery is a 0.1kWh ultracapacitor that can provide 80 to 90 percent of the braking energy. Because of this boost of energy, NAWA E-Motorbike can go up to 186 Miles (300 KM). Other E-Bikes can go up to 110 Miles (180KM) with the same battery pack. It means the ultracapacitors can boost energy up to 65 percent.

NAWA E-Motorbike has a sleek design. It has 2 split tanks. In the upper one slot, there’s an ultracapacitor unit whereas regular battery is down below in another tank. The ultracapacitors are made up of carbon. They only weight 10Kg and are inexpensive. So with less weight and price, you get a more energy boost. In regular battery packs, this would have drastically increased the weight and cost.

NAWA Racer Electric MotorBike Hubless Rear Wheel

This electric motorbike has a hubless rear wheel. It is really eye-catching. The splitting of the tank makes it look more ‘cool bike’ in overall design!

The NAWA Racer bike is pretty fast too. NAWA CEO Ulrik Grape told that it can get up to 0-62mph (100Kmph) in just 3 seconds. The bike also recouping 80-90 percent of the energy of your braking and letting you use that right away when the light goes green. Therefore, this bike will be very useful in traffic areas too.

NAWA Racer Electric Motorbike concept is futuristic and stands out because of its hybrid ultracapacitors engine system. It is very good for the urban environment because of no combustion.

NAWA Racer Electric MotorBike

NAWA Technologies company will reveal more about this bike in Consumer Electronics Show 2020 January. CES 2020 location is Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

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