LG Gram 17 Review: Truly Light “Gram” Design

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LG Gram 17

8 out of 10
LG Gram 17
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Lightest 17 Inch Laptop Ever

Bright & Colorful Display

Thunderbolt 3 Support

Superb Battery Life


No Discrete Graphics

Sluggish SATA 3 SSD

Doesn't Feel Robust

LG Gram 17 is Lightest 17-inch laptop ever

LG started the “Gram” laptop series which was not so impressive. But now, LG has made a sleek, beautiful, thin, and lightweight “LG Gram 17” laptop which is joining the rest of the lineup that is getting bigger this year.

LG Gram 17 laptop is a productivity-based ultrabook. It is the lightest 17-inch laptop ever. The ultrabook comes with a 2560 x 1600 “2K” screen. The screen reaches 96 percent sRGB color rating according to reports. It gives more room for content creators for their productivity.

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LG Gram 17 comes with Intel’s 8th-generation “Whiskey Lake” Core i7-8565U, 16GB DDR4 dual-channel RAM, Thunderbolt 3, micro SD reader, fingerprint reader. There are 2 slots for PCIe NVMe SSDs. It has a massive 72 WHr battery. It is not bigger than Dell XPS 15, but comparing weight, it is a remarkable point.

LG Gram 17 Price & Availability:

The laptop is available on Amazon for $1,696. Price may change in the future. It is available with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 Whiskey Lake processor, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage specs. UK pricing hasn’t yet been announced, but expect it to be in the same region.

LG Gram 17 Display

Design & Display:

LG Gram 17 is so lightweight laptop. It is made up of a special metal alloy comprised of nanocarbon and magnesium. It weighs only 2.95 pounds (1.3kg). It is the first 17-inch laptop in the world in 2019 that is so lightweight. It is 18mm thin and 361mm wide.

LG Gram 17 comes with a 6:10 aspect ratio display and not a traditional 16:9 ratio. It has a 17.0 inch IPS LCD display with WQXGA (2560 x 1600) 2K resolution. It has Intel UHD Graphics 620 internal graphics card. It doesn’t have a discrete graphics card.

The display is gorgeous. It is bright and colorful. The screen produces 114.5 percent of the color gamut. At 359 nits, this panel is very bright as well, surpassing the MacBook Pro’s 354 nits. The XPS 15 was even brighter at 371 nits. The screen reaches 96 percent sRGB color rating.

On the left side of the laptop, there is a charging port, USB 3.0 port, Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C, and an HDMI port. On the right side, there are two more USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, and a microSD card slot. LG Gram 17 comes with a fingerprint reader. It works well.

LG Gram 17 comes with a backlit keyboard. The Keyboard & Touchpad of the laptop is good. The 1.2 mm key pressing gives comfy input. The touchpad is responsive and large. LG opts to keep the touchpad in the middle, and not slightly off to the left side like most laptops with number pads. That means that both the G and H keys are slightly off-center with the touchpad. So, it takes time to feel comfortable to type on it.


LG Gram 17 comes with Whiskey Lake 8th generation Intel i7-8565U 1.80GHz/4.60GHz CPU, 16GB DDR4 2400MHz – 8 GB x 1 (On Board) – 8 GB x 1 system memory, SATA 3 M.2 512GB SSD (Solid State Drive).

As there is no discrete graphics card, you can not use this laptop for gaming. You can not play Fortnite, but you can play small games from Microsoft Store.

LG Gram 17 is better for programming, web surfing, etc. You can also use it for photoshop as it has a great display.

The laptop has Stereo 1.5W x 2 speakers which give fairly loud & crisp audio. You can enjoy Netflix & movies.

Battery Life:

LG Gram 17 has superb battery power. It comes with a massive 4-cell 72 WHr battery. It lasts up to 12 hours with regular web surfing at a normal brightness level. This is another point to buy this laptop.

LG Gram 17 laptop

Should You Buy LG Gram 17?

LG Gram 17 is a 17-inch light-weight ultrabook with an Intel i7 CPU and 16GB RAM. But you can not use it for gaming. It doesn’t come with a discrete graphics card.

But for programming, web surfing, watching videos and movies, productivity work, photoshops, and video editing you can use this laptop. It has a gorgeous, bright, vibrant color display. It has massive battery power which lasts 12 hours easily. You can use it everywhere as it is so lightweight and portable laptop.

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