Google Pixelbook - Sleek & Beautiful Design

Google Pixelbook Review: Sleek & Beautiful Design

Google Pixelbook Performance is fast, lag-free and smooth.

Google Pixelbook











  • Sleek and Beautiful Convertible Design
  • Fast, Lag-free and Smooth Performance
  • Brilliant Pixel-dense Display
  • Stunning Look
  • One of the best Keyboard


  • Android Apps are Supported, but some apps are Buggy
  • Pen Sold Separately
  • Expensive

Google’s Chromebook Closes Gap With MacBook Pro

The new Google Pixelbook offers a lot in compatibility and performance. It is one of the best Chromebook in the market. It gives you something which can be comparable to Windows 10 laptops and Mac devices. Pixelbook offers you features with Android and Chrome OS system.

‘Stylus’ makes Pixelbook experience a lot better. With Stylus, you can use Android apps and different features of Google Pixelbook without hassle. Sadly, Stylus is sold separately. But there are more reasons to buy this beautiful Google Chromebook.

Google Pixelbook comes with 7th Generation Intel core processors, beautiful 2,400 x 1,600 display, up to 16GB RAM which gives a breathtaking performance. Adding to this, Google puts the modest price tag for Google Pixelbook that puts Apple’s similarly specced offerings to shame – especially in 2019.


Google Pixelbook is expensive Chromebook. Its price is starting from $999 or £999 to $1,649 or £1,649. Also, you have to buy Stylus Pen for $99 (£99, about AU$130). For this price, you get 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 processors and 8GB RAM for $999 entry level Pixelbook. Top Pixelbook 512 GB SSD option comes with the i7 processor and 16GB RAM. Google’s Pixelbook is fanless because all these processors are Intel’s Y series low-power and low-heat chips.

Design and Display:

Google Pixelbook Design

Pixelbook has 2.5 pounds weight and 0.4 inches thickness. It is so lightweight like an actual paper notebook.

Google Pixelbook is most attractive and well-designed Chromebook ever made by Google company. It has brushed aluminum frame with flush edges to the rubberized palm rest and underside. It has a webcam of 720p resolution with 60fps capture rate. Also, there are different ports available for connections. All these make Pixelbook a future-proof device.

Speakers of Pixelbook are below keyboard which gives average sounds. This is because of the size of Pixelbook. So, Google crammed the speakers underneath the keyboard. There is also 3.5 mm audio jack which can be used for your favorite headphones.

Pixelbook has Glass Trackpad which gives super smooth tracking and accuracy even in single or multi-touch gestures. The keyboard is superb among all Chromebooks in the market. It is a backlit keyboard with 0.8mm well-placed keys. The keyboard feels really good while using it as it makes cool clicking sounds. The Pixelbook’s silicon palm rest gives nice grip and rubbery flex which makes the typing experience more comfortable.

Pixelbook has 3:2 display with 235ppi with accurate color reproduction. So, everything looks beautiful on display. The panel works well for movies, videos, and photo-editing. With 400 nits brightness, you can use screen anywhere even if it is a glossy display. At any rate, the display is also sharply accurate to the touch, especially when underneath the Pixelbook Pen.

Google Assistant & Pixelbook Pen:

Pixelbook Pen is excluded from the price of the laptop, so you have to buy it separately, but it is worth buying. As a stylus, the Pixelbook Pen works superbly. It offers plenty of pressure response as well as tilt support, making drawing on the display a pleasure. The display’s snappy response helps the digital ink follow close enough behind the pen that any delay is imperceivable.

There is a single button on Pixelbook Pen which is actually Google Assistant button. You can use it as a google Lens too. All you have to do is, press the button while you are inking on display. When you press it, ink will turn into a thick blue line. Now, anything captured inside this line will be sent to Googe Server and Google will detect it. Then it will show you relevant results on display.

For example, if you circle a picture of a tiger, Google will show you Wikipedia of Tiger and related results. This will be an incredibly powerful tool for students, particularly, but users, in general, will benefit.

The flaw about Pixelbook Pen is you can not attach it to the laptop. So there is a huge risk of losing stylus. As Microsoft Surface Pro has a magnet to attached its pen, Google should also give something for Pixelbook Pen. It is not good to lose $99 Pen!! Pixelbook Pen runs on AAAA batteries whereas rechargeable feature should be given by Google in this price tag.

Performance & Android on Chrome OS:

Google Pixelbook has great performance. It can easily handle any type of workload. Browsing in Chrome, Google Documents, and Spreadsheet, Lightroom photo editing – Google Pixelbook handles any work smoothly. This Chrome OS works well with low-power hardware.

Another best thing on Google Pixelbook is Android apps. This Chromebook has full support for Android apps and Google Play store. There is also brand new launcher interface to access these apps. You can download any Android app on Pixelbook and use it without any issue. All games and apps look beautiful on Pixelbook’s display.

Google Pixelbook Display

Should You Buy Google Pixelbook?

After comparing Google Pixelbook to rivaling premium Chromebooks, we can say it closes the gap between MacBook Pro. The Pixelbook’s snappy performance is related to the efficiency of the Chrome OS. It is faster than other ultrabooks. Google Pixelbook has a great convertible design, with an excellent display, high-quality build, good performance, good-enough battery life. It is expensive but worth it if you want Chrome OS.

If money is no issue for you, then Google Pixelbook is the best Chrome OS machine you’ll find because it provides a level of usability, performance, and style you won’t find on any other Chromebook.

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