Apple Is Launching Apple Credit Card In August

Apple is launching Apple Credit Card In August

You also get a titanium credit card after signup.

The launch of Apple Credit Card is about to happen in the first half of August 2019. Apple customers from the USA will be able to order their cards in August.Apple Is Launching Apple Credit Card In August

Apple has just released iOS 12.4 software update. It is more stable and will support the card’s mechanics. The company will enable the feature in ios 12.4 as soon as the Credit Card is launch. Thousands of Apple company employees and retail workers have been able to sign-up for Apple Credit Card and testing it before the official release.

Apple company has partnered with Goldman Sachs on the card for US customers. Goldman Sachs will manage the transactions, money, banking infrastructure while Apple will handle all user-experience.

Apple users can directly sign up from the wallet on your iPhone. After sign up, you can then use your card and Apple Pay for transactions. You also get a titanium credit card which works on the Mastercard network.

There is no monthly fee and an international transaction fee on Apple Credit Card. You get 1% cashback when you pay with your card, 2% cashback if you pay using Apple Pay and 3% cash back if it’s an Apple purchase.

Apple Credit Card Balance, Purchase and Transaction History

Cashback is directly credited in your Apple Cash Card. You can use this cash for Apple Pay or Apple credit card. You can also transfer it to the bank. In the app, you can check all your past transactions, purchases by categories. As it is releasing in the first weeks of August, you might be able to use it for ‘back-to-school’ shopping.

The security of the card will be good. There is no credit card number on the card. So when you want to use your credit card for shopping online, purchases from different websites which don’t support Apple Pay, you get a virtual credit card number in Wallet App. The company will try to keep the card more secure.

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