HTC announces Vive Cosmos VR headset

Vive Cosmos is PCs & Mobiles - Powered VR headset, will offer absolute comfort, easy set up, & will require no external tracking

HTC company has announced a new Vive Cosmos VR headset at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. They unveiled this after a new business-class VR headset. HTC Vive Cosmos is a consumer model. It is a virtual reality headset that doesn’t require any external sensors. It uses fully tracked motion controllers.

Dan O’Brien, general manager of HTC America says it is a convenient device with “absolute comfort” and “easy setup,” intended for either home or mobile use. Currently, there is no information about its price as the company only announced the product.

Vive Cosmos is supposed to connect to a PC first, and it will definitely expand to mobile in the upcoming days. HTC also shows a smartphone in its teaser video. HTC said that it will have “the capability to be powered by more than a traditional gaming PC,” this sentence confirms it! Vive Cosmos has potential as it is a hybrid device. It can work with your PC or Mobile.

HTC Vive Cosmos video shows off a rendering of headset hardware. It also shows features like a flip-up screen that lets you see the real world without taking off the headset completely. HTC Vive cosmos will have tracking cameras on the front and sides. The controllers of  Vive Cosmos look similar to Oculus Quest VR controllers. Instead of the original Vive’s trackpads, it has buttons and joysticks.

Vive Cosmos is more convenient and easy to set up than HTC Vive Pro and Original Vive. Interesting VR features and embedded inside-out tracking technology of HTC Vive Cosmos will surely stand out.

The HTC Vive Pro is a thing of beauty. It offers a higher resolution than the standard Vive and can take games from ‘good looking’ to ‘gorgeous’ resolutions. Also, improvements to the weight distribution and the addition of built-in earphones will help in sound improvements and feels.

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