How to Edit Gaming Videos Like a Pro: Top tips!

InVideo helps you to edit gaming videos like a pro!

There are a lot of unedited gameplay videos on YouTube that don’t do anything for the viewership. Video editing software and some basic editing tips are a mandate if you want to show off your gaming prowess to an audience and produce an interesting video.

If you’re just starting out, knowing how to make successful videos is essential. You may stand out from the crowd, reach your target audience, and get more followers by using clips that have been fine-tuned.

Produce great content, and you’ll be able to connect with gamers of all ages, get greater exposure on YouTube, and make money from the videos you create.

These pointers will assist you in improving your video editing skills so that you may wow your viewers with new and exciting gaming videos. You’ll gain confidence as a gamer and video editor after you apply these suggestions to your process.

7 Tips for Impeccable Gaming Video Edits

1. Use a High-Quality Camera & Microphone

If you don’t want to spend the money on a microphone right now, you may always utilize the one on your smartphone. When using an iPhone, you may record any length of audio using the Voice Memo app.

If you’re going to be talking during gaming, you should consider investing in a good microphone. You may utilize the built-in microphone on your computer, but the audio quality will be subpar.

Most Android smartphones come pre-installed with an app named Voice Recorder for users to record their conversations. In the absence of a microphone, these applications do a respectable job. Here are some of the best smartphones for editing and recording purposes.

However, unless this is going to be a major part of your movies, your computer’s camera will be enough for recording your face as you play. A better camera, on the other hand, would be an excellent investment.

Additionally, you’ll need to select whether or not you want to include comments in your video. Even though it’s a common feature in popular gameplay videos, you may choose not to use it.

2. Maintain an Efficient Video Editing Workflow

Creating a video involves a lot of different steps, each one more difficult than the last. Having a great workflow will allow you and your team to work on all facets of video editing quickly and effectively.

When used as a roadmap, a process ensures that everyone on your team understands where you’re going and how to get there. Organizing your files is essential for establishing and sustaining an effective workflow.

3. Choose the Right Video Editing Software

Beginner video editors might be puzzled owing to the vast collection of video editing solutions available today. However, not all solutions can meet your gaming video editing requirements.

Choosing the right games video editor can spare you a lot of pain and provide you with click and deploy media resources. Take InVideo, for example- the tool comes with 4000+ pre-existing templates and thousands of royalty-free audio tracks to include in your gaming videos.

This saves you from copyright infringement issues that might find their way up to your channel later on. There are numerous other advantages that you can enjoy by simply choosing the right video editor.

Therefore, you need to analyze the available editing options and choose the one that best meets your creative requirements.

4. Ensure Quality in your Recorded Gameplay Videos

Use a screen recording program to record the screen of your gaming sessions. The software you use should be determined by your budget, the amount of time you want to spend recording, and the degree of complexity of your movie.

A webcam and audio recording capabilities are important since you may wish to add your own commentary to the video as it’s being created. You should also make sure that you play the game at an optimal resolution to ensure an optimal viewing experience for your viewers.

Your computer, too, should be fast enough to handle a hiccup-free gaming experience, as it directly impacts the recorded gameplay footage. These factors mandate that all the recorded gameplay footage you deploy is of optimal quality and resolution.

5. Include Quality Video Thumbnails

To increase the number of people who see your movie, you must design an enticing thumbnail image. Most video editing software makes it simple for you to accomplish this.

When creating a decent thumbnail, choose pictures relevant to the game you’re currently playing or a good reaction shot of your face if you’re going to be appearing in your videos as yourself.

Incorporating text into your thumbnails may be beneficial as long as it’s bold and easy to read. One of the essential aspects of creating a video thumbnail is to make viewers feel as if they are missing out on something vital if they do not watch the video in question.

When you use vibrant colors in your thumbnails, it gives the viewer a sense of what the video would be like to watch.

6. Visualize your Final Output

When it comes to creating videos for either entertainment or marketing, most video editors know which kinds of videos are most effective. If not, you can begin and learn how to analyze their editing techniques.

Once you obtain a clear picture of what exactly you want to achieve, creating the final output becomes a whole lot easier. You should now consider what kind of web video your intended audience wants you to create.

Do they prefer films produced by professionals or amateurs? This question helps in visualizing the ultimate result.

7. Finally, Never Overlook the Quality

Even before they start watching, viewers are impressed by a high-quality video. Making a good video is now a lot simpler than it was in the past.

Even with the camera on your smartphone, you’d be able to record a movie of excellent clarity and high definition. Video editing is critical in this situation since it helps to keep the video looking good.

Instead of leaving the video in its raw state, you may use this technique to make it seem more polished and professional. Software today focuses on high-quality video creation, so it should come as no surprise.


With each passing day, the video marketing scene becomes ever more crowded. Every minute, YouTube garners more than 300 hours of new video content.

In this day and age, when video content has taken over the internet, learning some fundamental video editing techniques for beginners and small companies on a budget is critical to making your mark on the platform.

Gaming video editing may be a significant problem for non-professionals and those who aren’t computer savvy. However, armed with the right tips and approach, you can certainly get better at it every day!

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