Data Privacy Importance In March 2020

Data privacy and cybersecurity becomes more important in March 2020. Stealing data, using the user’s information is possible by thieves. It can cost so much for both businesses and users. No doubt it is so much important to stay safe online while surfing, browsing or playing online games.

According to Forbes’s reports about data breaches, there were 4.1 billion records were exposed in data breach 2019 (First 6 months). Data breaches happened with the biggest tech giants like Facebook too. According to the NYT media report, a security breach exposed 50 million Facebook user’s accounts.

It proves that it does not matter if you are using Facebook, Online dating apps or playing online games, you need to take some precautions while you are online. So what are the precautions to stay safe? Let’s check it:

Stay Alert While Surfing The Web

There are so many ways thieves can steal your data. You have to stay alert every time when you are surfing on the internet. Data privacy in March 2020 is so much important. Do check what links you are clicking, what forms you are filling, the information you are giving to unknown sites. You should always stay alert while opening spammy emails and links. This will keep you safe online.

Online Games

There are thousands of games you can play online. From Battle Royal Fortnite to legal casino games, many people love to play online. If you play online games, it is important to stick to authorized and legal sites. In New Jersey itself, hundreds of cases about data stealing were reported. Therefore if you play online casino games, you should only use legal and safe sites.

Giving Credit Card Details

Many times we use credit cards while online shopping. You should take extra care while shopping from online sites. Some sites do not use secure connections. This can be harmful. Do not put your credit card details if the connection is not secured. Check if the site is using https encrypted secure connection.

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