Beryl GL-MT1300 Travel Router With Advanced WiFi Speed

Beryl Is Top-Notch Next Generation of Travel Routers.

Beryl GL-MT1300

8.1 out of 10
Beryl GL-MT 1300 Travel Router With Advanced WiFi Speed
8.1 out of 10
8.4 out of 10
7.9 out of 10
7.8 out of 10


Small, Trendy Design


High-Speed WiFi

Offers So Many Features

Open Source & Programmable

Enhanced Security

30+ VPN, Tor and many other services.

Beryl GL-MT1300 Is A Pocket-Sized Travel Router!

Beryl GL-MT1300 is a new high-performance pocket-sized wireless router that offers advanced WiFi speed, cybersecurity, and so many customizable features. GL-MT1300 has powerful hardware, first-class cybersecurity protocol.

Another impressive thing about Beryl GL-MT1300 is its size. It has a modern, unique design. It can easily fit into your pocket. So you can carry this router while traveling. With a unique and modern design, Beryl is the new era of a travel router.

Beryl GL-MT1300 Design and Specifications

Design and Specifications:

Beryl GL-MT1300 has a sleek, trendy design. There are 2 dual-color LED light that indicates ON/OFF device status. There’s a switch button for Tor/VPN service.

Beryl GL-MT1300 comes with MT7621A, Dual-Core @880MHz CPU, 32MB RAM, Flash DDR3L 256MB, Gigabit Port, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, up to 512GB expandable external storage.

This WiFi router has an advanced CPU which gives benefits in the overall performance. The GL-M1300 has 3 ports which include USB-A 3.0 port, a Type-C power supply, and 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The router weighs only 184g.


Beryl GL-M1300 comes with powerful hardware with advanced WiFi speed. It has dual-band WiFi which can give Max. 400Mbps (2.4G) + 867Mbps(5G) speed on the go!

It also supports IPv6. You can connect up to 40 WiFi clients with it simultaneously.


Beryl WiFi Router comes with first-class security. The added Security will help you stay secure in Public Wi-Fi places like hotels, cafes, conferences.

Beryl GL-MT1300 High Speed WiFi Router
Beryl GL-MT1300 WiFi router
Beryl GL-MT1300 Pocket-Friendly Router

VPN Services:

Another impressive feature of Beryl is there are 30+ VPN service providers you can choose from, that keep your internet connection private. Beryl provides encrypted connection, authentication with Open VPN & WireGaurd.

You can set up a VPN server easily with web UI 3.0. and access your files securely in a remote site as if you are at home. No need to worry about hackers anymore!

Tor Anonymity:

Beryl GL-MT1300 also gives you great internet security & privacy with VPN & preinstalled Tor services. You can use Tor services to hide online browsing data. The traffic you send and receive goes through the Tor network and it’s encrypted three times. This makes sure extra network safety.

Pre-installed OpenWrt in Beryl GL-MT1300:

Beryl GL-MT1300 comes with a preinstalled OpenWrt 19.07.4 operating system based on Linux. Techies can use this router for DIY IoT projects. The root access is granted for users to fully customize and optimize the device. You can install various applications you want/need within Beryl GL-MT1300.

DNS Encryption:

You can use Cloudflare or NextDNS services for DNS data security and privacy. You can use different DNS technologies and settings like DoH (DNS over HTTPS), DoT (DNS over TLS), Query Name Minimisation, and DNSSEC Validation from NextDNS to strengthen your security.

Beryl GL-MT1300 Review

Overall, the new Beryl GL-MT1300 is a high-performance, excellent wireless WiFi router. It gives impressive WiFi speed with its powerful hardware.

You can use it at home or while traveling. Due to its pocket-sized design, it is easy to carry around while traveling. It is perfect for home users, students, travelers.

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